Dreams are the imagination picture you want to become or wish. It can be of anything say for example if you wanted to become a doctor, engineer, or teacher these are the career goals, and also it can be of a material such as building a new home, expensive car, etc.  

Passion is something a powerful emotion or feeling that you love doing repeatedly like writing, music, reading, playing golf, watching movies, taking trips, and gardening.

Choosing between a dream and a passion is something that people consider, but not everyone does. Learn more information about the facts. 

How it actually works?


The dream is a lifetime goal. For many people begins in childhood itself. It doesn’t want to be a single one, it can be many. A firm determination will help you to move toward your vision. This takes time to achieve but is worth it. Enjoy the process in your journey to success.


You have probably heard many people say to do it with passion. You make it when you like it. Without any time limit or hard work, you tend to do this with love and patience. You discover yourself when you start running for this. Lucky are those who have the same passion and goals.

How do I know if I have a dream or passion? 

Every human being has a purpose in life. The talents and interests are hidden inside you. Keep trying new things. Make mistakes. Only then you can find what matters to you. 

Remember M.S Dhoni, even before he was a cricketer he is a goalkeeper in football. But he is a star player and became an inspiration for millions. It is all about discovering yourself and trying out new things.  

It may be difficult sometimes to identify what is your future goals. That too in this modern world we come across a lot of things and tend to do whatever we see. Once you realize your vision of the universe No one can stop you. The path you decide either is your dream or passion you should have a strong belief in that. 

Do not follow the other’s dreams. This makes you driven out of the purpose you are searching for.  

Dream or passion

Either dream or passion depends on one’s personal choice, and what you come across. But choosing wisely is very important. Lend time for yourself and start thinking about your future goals. This will help you to regret it later. It is true that “it’s never too late” but still there are some eligibility criteria and suitability, so it is better to give a kick start earlier. Experience it, make mistakes, and learn from them. 

Dream and passion choices

It is always in your hand how you balance both dreams and passion when both are two different streams. It hurts hard after years even if you miss any one of it. You can prioritize either, dream or passion but don’t even consider picking one. 

Because passion makes you live happily and dreams make you build a satisfying life. 

Choose your way

Obviously, for many people, dreams and passion differ. Consider a situation where you are opting for passion as your career goal. You are on the right track if you are satisfied and pleased with that. Move on to the next thing that inspires you if you feel unsatisfied with what you currently have.

Make opportunities out of chances!