Every woman is conscious of their physical appearance. And one area that often seeks attention is breast size. Though surgical procedures give immediate results they often come with some side effects and complications. But what if natural methods are available to increase breast size? In this blog, let us explore how to increase breast size by natural techniques and methods.

Anatomy of Breasts


Our breasts are made up of glandular, connective, and adipose (fat) tissues. The adipose and fibrous tissues contain the mammary glands that secrete milk to nourish the infant. Each mammary gland drains towards the nipple by lactiferous ducts. The pectoral muscle supports the breasts. The blood vessels carry oxygenated blood to them and eliminate waste, as usual. 

How Is Breast Size Determined?

  • Family History

Similar to hair, skin color, and height, breast size is also influenced by your genes. 

  • Your Body Weight

Women have both fatty tissues and supportive tissues in their breasts. So whenever you gain or lose weight it will also reflect in your breast size.

  • Workout Routine

Performing 10-minute workouts like chest pushes strengthens the pectoral muscles. As a result, your breasts look protruding as the muscle expands.

  • Menstrual Cycle

Our breasts will look swollen during our menstrual cycle. Every one of us has felt this, right? This is because of these two culprits, estrogen and progesterone. While estrogen stimulates the ovulation and milk ducts during the first cycle, progesterone increases the bust size during the second cycle.

  • Age

As we age our breasts also change along with the body. So, it is important to know our breasts better. When we get closer to menopause, the hormonal and bodily changes cause the breast tissues to contract and lose their form.

How to Increase Breast Size by Natural Methods

It is proven that performing chest exercises shows visible changes in breast size. But remember working out will only expand the muscle underneath but not the breast tissues. Here we’ll list out some of the chest exercises that you can try at home for best results.

1. Push-Ups


Keep your body straight and place your palms on the ground. Inhale as you lower yourself back to the beginning position, and exhale as you push yourself up until your arms are completely extended.

2. Chest Presses


Lie down with your back on a mat or bench. Exhale as you raise your arms holding a dumbbell with your hands facing forward and breathe in as you place the weights down.

3. Chest Flies


Lie on your back and bring the dumbbells straight up over your chest with palms facing each other. Now drive your shoulders down to your hips and open them wide until your hands are directly outside your shoulders. Exhale as you flex your arms widely to the sides and inhale when you return to the starting position. 

Yoga Help for Big Breasts

1. Bow Pose


Lie on your stomach on the mat. Now, lift your knees off the ground by grabbing your ankles with your hands while taking a deep breath. Breathe out as soon as you relax.

2. Camel Pose


Place your knees hip-width apart on your mat. With your fingers pointed down, place your hands on your lower back. Taking a breath, press your hips forward and slightly arch your back. Stretch your hands to your heels as you arch back. For a few breaths, hold the pose with your neck relaxed.

3. Cobra Pose


Lay down on your stomach. Slowly roll your shoulders back and press your elbows in the torso distance. Now press down through your hands and slowly lift your head, chest, and abdomen off the ground while inhaling. Stay in this position for a few minutes and on an exhalation release the pose.

4. Cat-Cow


Place your palm underneath the shoulder and your knees beneath the hip. Take a deep breath, lift your head, bend your lower back, and tilt your pelvis upward, creating the shape of a “cow.” Take a big breath out, draw in your abdomen, arch your spine, and lower your head and pelvis like a “cat.”

5. Double Angle Pose


Stand straight with your arms behind the back and fingers interlocked. Now slowly exhale and bend forward from the hips till your forehead is close to the knees. Now raise your arms behind the back as high as possible while inhaling Try to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds. Then slowly lower your arms and return to the standing position. 

I hope these yoga positions and exercises help you increase your breast size. A lot of gels, pills, lotions, and creams are available in the market that promise breast enlargement. It is important to try out natural ways instead of quick solutions.

How to Increase Breast Size via Foods?

Oestrogen is the hormone that controls breast size. So, eating foods that are high in estrogen will most likely result in breast enlargement. Fenugreek sprouts, sesame seeds, flax seeds, soybeans, dry fruits, garlic, peaches, berries, broccoli, cabbage, and collard greens are foods high in phytoestrogen. Thus, you can try consuming them regularly. 

Easy Life Hacks for Instant Bigger Busts

Here there are a few tips and tricks that can make your boobs look bigger than usual. 

1. Boob Contouring 


Actually, this one is for the lazy people. You can just contour the upper part of the boobs,  around your collarbones and neck with the contour stick and highlighter. You can see the huge difference instantly.

2. Push-up Bra


Push-up bras with the padding on the bottom and the sides just scoop your boobs. It will be super comfortable to wear and you can enjoy seeing your fuller busts. You are free to select the level of padding that is comfortable for you.

3. Invisible Bra


These bras are sticky, so you can stick this bra with your breasts pushed in. It gives a natural lift to the breasts and makes them look bigger than before. So you can try to wear the padded strapless bra underneath your regular bra to add instant lift and volume to your breasts.

4. Boob Tape


Just take the boob tape and stick it on your breasts where you require desired lift. You can now wear a low-cut or V-cut top that accentuates your breasts to show off your larger cleavage.

5. Silicon Pad


Just insert the silicon pads underneath your breasts to see the instant result. It will naturally lift the breasts and enhance your cleavage.

6. Breast Forms


These breast forms or fake boobs come both in elastic cotton filler and silicone gel filler. They come in four skin tone variations: dark, tan, natural, and Caucasian. It can be worn under any of your outfits as a t-shirt. The H cup breast forms give you an unimaginable size of breasts.


Though surgical procedures offer immediate results, natural methods provide a safer and more sustainable approach to increasing breast size. From targeted exercises to clever tricks there are plenty of ways to enhance your bust without going under the knife. Whether you’re hitting the gym or trying out a new bra to check how to increase breast size, love your body exactly as it is. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than self-assurance and a radiant smile!