All the attention and energy that new mommies possess is completely exerted by looking after their little versions. The little ones need their mommies, yes. But mothers must not forget about themselves. Your ‘me-time’ might not be just yours anymore.  

Continue reading to know how to effectively spare some time and be a beautiful mother.

New Mom Beauty Routine

Abracadabra Your Sleepless Eyes

New mommies will have to make a compromise with their sleep which will lead to dark circles eventually. Apply some concealer and get rid of the circle. It is not necessary to do your 10-step routine to look presentable. Some concealer might be a quick fix.

Shift to Tint

Blending in your foundation might not be a little extra, instead, blend in some tinted moisturizer with your bare hands and you are good to go. Conceal your spots with concealer, there’s the base!

Bright Lip and Mascara

A full face of glam might not be a practical option every time. If you are on your way to catch up with your friends and your mom’s duties catch you off guard, then take a bright lipstick and apply it across your lips. Bright and bold lips are in trend. Then take the mascara, coat your lashes and look awakened. These simple steps can give you a soft-glam look, without doing much at all. 

Skincare, OH! Yes!

The post-partum period might be a little difficult to deal with, having the hormones all over. Pampering sessions might amp you up and might give you a rewarding feeling. The multiple-step routine might not be possible and is not a necessity to look after your skin. Cleansing, toning, applying a serum (during the nighttime routine), and a moisturizer to top it off will suffice. The routine mentally might keep you in a better state, to the time you spend for yourself. So, skincare for new moms, OH! yes!


The long shower days might not be as frequent. To feel refreshed, spritz some dry shampoo across your scalp and viola! Your scalp is fresh and not as greasy!

To run errands with the baby and to keep your hair out of your way try buns and updos, as it does not make any compromise in comfort and they are in trend! Become the mother of trends.

Balance Baby!

Beauty tips for glowing skin – Consuming too many carbohydrates and oily foods may cause you to break out, whereas eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will reflect in your skin. Drink a tonne of water(around 3 liters) and keep yourself hydrated! It will keep your skin in better condition and your body will thank you!

Motherhood is priceless, lovely, and ought to be loved. But it’s as important to indulge and care for oneself and try the new mom beauty routine. All the wonderful new mommies and mommies-to-be, celebrate motherhood and yourself!!