Why lips get tanned?


Of all the parts on the face lips are more prone to damage because they are different from the skin on the rest of your face. The lip skin is very thin and soft. It doesn’t have sweat or oil glands unlike skin on other parts. We have to moisturize them from outside. Moreover the sunlight and UV rays also affect the lips badly. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause tanning of lips and will form dark spots. Also the lips have no melanin. Melanin cells are natural sun protection pigment cells. This makes it more prone to sun damages. Lips are very delicate. People who do not take care of their lips or have dry lips are more affected by sun exposure especially during summer.


What affects the appearance of lips?


Apart from not exercising proper sun protection if you are using lip products with harmful chemicals without reading the labels you likely will get dark (please rephrase). Not only that, your lips will be dry all the time. This is the prominent reason for cracked lips. It can become painful at one stage if not treated. Smoking, drinking alcohol and having junk food affects the health of lips and its appearance a lot. Also it is important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking the recommended allowance of water every day to maintain good lips.


How to avoid lip damage?



Having a well-balanced diet is important to keep up your lips’ health. Protect your lips from pollution and sun light while going out by covering with a scarf and wearing a lipstick or lip balm with UV and sun protection. Make it a habit to cleanse your face when you get home. Never go to bed with your lipstick on. Wipe it off with a drop of coconut or baby oil using cotton as it will not only remove the lipstick but also will moisturize your lips over night.


Spending some time to pamper your lips will improve its appearance.

Here are some home remedies to make your lips pink and dewy.

Simple lip care procedure for beginners:

Method 1

Wipe clean your lips with a face tissue.

Take a clean tooth brush and put few drops of coconut oil and brush your lips in slow and gentle circular motion.

Do it for 5 minutes. Wipe with a clean tissue.

Now take a drop of ghee on your index finger and massage your lips in circular motion for 3 minutes.

Leave it for a while.

Apply a drop of honey on your lips like you would apply lip balm. Apply Vaseline on top of it and wash it off with warm water after 10minutes.

Method 2

Follow the same procedure as in method 1. Instead of applying honey and milk apply rose petal concoction.

Method 3

In this you can apply aloe vera gel taken from fresh aloe leaf and you can leave it over night and wash it off while you wash your face after waking up.

Quick little fix for chapped lips:

Your lips need exfoliation

Most of the home made exfoliators will have either lemon or honey. Because lemon is a natural bleach and honey is both an antibacterial and a natural moisturizer. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and it improves blood circulation.

  1. Mix a tsp each of honey and sugar and honey. Apply the mix on your lips. Scrub it with the tip of index finger.
  2. Mix 1tsp of olive oil and sugar and a drop of honey and do not let it dissolve. Apply on your lips and scrub off those dry and flaky skin cells from chapped lips.


Most loved lip masks:
  1. Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips and leave it for 10minutes and wash it off with cold water. Cucumber is an excellent hydrating agent for the skin.
  2. Apply aloe vera gel on the lips and leave it for 10minutes before washing off. Aloe has a cooling effect and soothes your skin.
  3. Take 1tsp lemon juice, honey, castor oil. Mix together and apply on the lips. Keep it on for 10 minutes.


How to get pink and plump lips?


The vegetables which are red in color are good for your lips. Tomato, beetroot, and strawberry when applied in the form of juice or paste regularly give natural pink color to your lips.

The plants and herbs which are green in color remove darkness from your lips.


  1. Take a slice of beetroot. Cut it in many places so that the juice will ooze out. Keep it in a small bowl. Add milk cream and honey and store it in the fridge. Apply the mix on your lips whenever you can. You can use the mixture only on the day you make it as it has milk cream it might go rancid. So make only a little and use it up within a day.


  1. Extract juice from coriander and mint leaves and add a drop of coconut oil to that. Apply this every night on lips before going to bed.


  1. Mix rose water with honey. Add few drops of lemon juice. Mix well and apply on lips. It removes tan, moisturize and make your lips pink.
  2. Remove dark spots and black patches from your lips by this sure shot method. Take small amount of clarified butter in a bowl. Add some salt and mix well. Apply on your belly button before going to bed. Belly button is the center of our body which is a connecting centre to many parts of our body. Massaging mustard oil or gingelly oil in to belly button kills micro organisms in the body and removes toxins.


Simple Home-made Lip balm recipe

Make your own organic chemical free Lip Balm

Shea Butter 1tbsp

Bees wax 1tsp

Coconut oil 1 tsp

Clove 2

Cinnamon a small piece

Beet root (grated) 2tsp


  1. Powder the cloves and cinnamon together
  2. Take water in a wide pan and heat it on a stove
  3. Keep a glass bowl in the center of the pan and put the shea butter into the glass bowl
  4. Add bees wax and mix with a spoon
  5. Now ad coconut oil and mix
  6. Take the juice out of beetroot. About a tsp and pour it in the mix together
  7. The mixture will be in a creamy consistency already
  8. Finally, add powdered cinnamon and clove and mix thoroughly

Right now the mixture should be in a lip balm consistency. You can keep on heating until reaching the right consistency.

After finishing store the aromatic natural homemade lip balm in a small transparent container for you to use.


Maintaining good health always starts from inside. It’s important to have a healthy and balanced diet to have great lips. Stay hydrated by drinking lot of water. Always remember to remove your make-up during bed time. Follow a moisturizing ritual every day. Remember, your lips need more moisturizing than any other part of your body. Do not touch or smack your lips as the saliva contains digestive enzymes and it will be harsh on your lips. The more you lick your lips the more it will become dry. Remember to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your lips regularly.