The haircut you have must suit your facial features. It has to enhance your looks. While face shape is crucial, body shape is also important. As a woman, you need a haircut or style that totally flatters your appearance. In this blog, let’s take a glimpse at the different types of haircuts for women with various body types.

1. Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle Body Type

Women with a rectangular body type will not have too many curves. When there are fewer curves, the body closely resembles a column or rectangle. This body shape is also known as the “banana” type. In this body type, the waist measurements will be similar to those of the bust. The shoulders and the hip will be the same width (approximately). In other words, the weight will be distributed pretty evenly throughout the body so that the silhouette is balanced.

Since the body type is already rectangular, you cannot opt for a flat hairstyle. If you do, it will appear as if one rectangle is placed on top of another! Therefore, women of this body shape need some feminine hairstyles like soft waves. Such a hairstyle will add some curves to the overall look. The curvy or wavy haircut will also balance out the lack of curves in the body. 

  • Side Fringes or Side Partings

Girl with Side Fringes

These will go well with a banana body shape. A hairstyle resembling beach waves is suitable too. 

  • Curtain Bangs

Girl with Curtain Bangs

Even curtain bangs will look trendy with a rectangular body type. They offer a stylish and elegant appearance.

Thus, if you already have a curvy or wavy hairstyle, you can ask your stylist to enhance it. On the other hand, if you naturally have straight hair, it would be wise to add some curls or layers of waves to your hair. Your stylist can assist you in doing that too! After all, looks are important. Here are the best airport looks for women!

  • Shoulder-Length or Chin-Length Hair

Shoulder-Length Hair

What about the length of your hair? Go for a shoulder-length or chin-length haircut, which can give some structure to the hair. It will also create a harmonious contrast to your rectangular body shape.

  • Cascading Style

Cascading Style

If you have your curvy hair in a cascading style, it will help add volume to your hair and balance the lack of curves in your body. Cascading style is one of the most suitable types of haircuts for women with rectangular body shapes.

So, all ye rectangular body-shaped women, get ready to style up and add some curves to your look!

2. Flattering Haircut for Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-Shaped Body

Do you have a pear-shaped body? Don’t worry because we have got you covered! A pear-shaped body is also known as the “triangle” type. So, your hips will be larger than your shoulders and bust. The waist will slope down to the hips. Simply put, your upper body will be narrower than the hips. 

  • Adding Volume to Hair

Adding Volume to Hair

To get a balanced, harmonious appearance, you must concentrate on your shoulders and bust. Adding volume to your hair will make a whole world of difference! To achieve this, you can go for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. But avoid using conditioner on your roots.

If you have natural curls, it’s a good idea to take care of them and nurture them. Also, consume foods that help hair growth. Here are 7 foods to accelerate hair growth!

  • Blunt Bangs 

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs and graduated cuts are the best choices for women with pear-shaped bodies. They help neutralize the imbalance in the body shape. Or, they will help your body look more proportionate by making the upper part seem larger. 

  • Graduated Haircut

Graduated Haircut

Have you seen celebrities with graduated haircuts? You might have, but you wouldn’t have realized that they were called “graduated cuts” at that time! In this type of haircut, the hair length will progress from shorter to longer. This type of haircut can be achieved with any length of hair. 

  • Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob

As the name indicates, a stacked bob is a bob where the layers are stacked on top of each other. This provides your hair with extra volume. And, when you add light highlights, they will help break up the density in your stacked bob haircut. 

Therefore, if you are of the pear-shaped body type, fret not! Request your stylist to add more volume to your hair. Go for a flattering graduated hairstyle or an amazing stacked bob! And, don’t forget the blunt bangs because they too look trendy. These are some of the best types of haircuts for women. 

3. Apple Shaped Body

Apple-Shaped Body

The apple body shape is found among lots of women. The shoulders and bust are larger than the hips. So, we can say that the hips are narrower when compared to the bust and shoulders. So, what do you think will enhance the apple-shaped body?

  • Avoid Hair Falling on Shoulders

Avoid Hair Falling on Shoulders

If you let your hair fall on the shoulders, it will make your shoulders look larger than they are! So, it’s best to avoid haircuts or styles where your tresses rest on your shoulders. 

  • High Ponytails

High Ponytail

Women with apple body shapes normally wish to make their torso look longer. How can you do that? 

High ponytails come to your rescue! A ponytail from the highest point on the head will give you the perfect look. It will also make your torso appear lengthier.  

  • Half Up Half Down Style

Half Up Half Down Style

This hairstyle is suitable for everyday office goers and even women who want to dress up for parties and other important occasions. It is one of the most versatile hairdos, which combines casual style with sophisticated looks. It’s a chic, elegant, and simple hairstyle. You can have a part of your hair up in a ponytail or bun, and then leave the rest down. For the best results, leave the rest of the hair at the back. If you wish, you can even use some clips to get the top part of the hair in place.

A half-up half-down hairstyle also helps you look more feminine. It is the “in” thing right now. It is also an evergreen style that you can flaunt regardless of time or place. So, get ready to unleash the femininity in you. Your friends are sure to go bonkers looking at your new hairdo!

4. Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass-Shaped Body

In an hourglass body, the bust and shoulder parts will be bigger. The same is true for the hips, and the waist will be thinner. Thus, the body will be in the shape of an hourglass, where there are two bulbs at the top and bottom, along with a narrow neck.

What type of hairstyle will suit a woman with an hourglass figure? Let’s find out the most suitable types of haircuts for women with an hourglass figure…

While at it, read our tips for bouncy hair.

  • Medium to Long Hair

Medium to Long Hair

Having a medium to long hairstyle will help enhance your looks. A medium-length bob will give you a blend of playfulness and sophistication. 

  • Side Parting

Side Parted Hair

A side-parted hairdo brings attention to your face and hair, rather than your body. If you are used to styling your hair in a particular way, but suddenly flaunt a side parting, people are sure to notice it. Side-parted hair will also change the way you look. If you have a high forehead, you can go for a side parting, which will make your forehead seem narrower.

If you go for a side-parted hairstyle, it can create a look of asymmetry, which complements the balance of your hourglass shape.

  • Face-Framing Layers

Face-Framing Layers

Consult your stylist for a suitable face-framing layer cut for you. The layers of hair around your face will be of varying lengths. They will draw attention to your facial features, which will look enhanced. In addition, face-framing layers give a new twist to your overall appearance.

  • Soft Waves

Soft Waves

Soft waves offer a better touch of femininity and amp up your glam quotient. They will mirror the gentle curves of your hourglass body.  

Women with an hourglass figure can also try voluminous curls, which will highlight your look and make you appear elegant at all times.

Now that you have got the hang of the different types of haircuts and styles for an hourglass figure, get started on your new makeover journey. Be the epitome of fashion and turn heads at that much-awaited midnight party!

5. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The “inverted triangle” shape is a slight variation of the apple-shaped body. In both these cases, the top part is larger than the bottom.

Even though the hairdos for the apple shape can also be applied in the case of the inverted triangle body, we will let you know more styles for the latter.

  • Asymmetric Bangs

Asymmetric Bangs

Such bangs divert attention from your wide shoulders. You can even make the bangs thicker so that they make the face look enlarged. This type of look is advantageous in the inverted triangle body shape because it emphasizes the face and not the shoulders.

  • Hair Braids and Buns

Hair Braids and Buns

Braids and buns are evergreen options. If you love watching movies, you would have seen that lots of actresses sport hair braids. Buns can be worn at parties or on special occasions. They give a trendy look, and at the same time, keep you comfortable without your hair falling on your shoulders.

  • Messy Plaits

Messy Plaits

While messy plaits don’t go well with party outfits, you can try them for getaways with your friends or a dip at the swimming pool. It is also a great idea when you work from home or go on a picnic. However, avoid messy plaits while traveling because if you are moving around a lot, your hair is bound to become a mess without any extra effort!

  • Try Lobs

Try Lobs

You might have heard of “lobs,” which is another term for “long bobs.” If you have an inverted triangle-shaped body and still love to flaunt a shortish haircut, try a lob. This will give you a super-cool look that you can carry with you wherever you go!

Whether you are sporting asymmetric bangs or trying lobs, do it with confidence. Whatever the hairdo, walk tall and look confident. When you have the perfect hairdo, combined with a flattering outfit, you don’t have to think too much about your inverted triangle body shape.

Cut and Style Your Hair for the Best Look!

The hair salon industry has been witnessing massive changes over the past few years in countries like the US. Here is a report on the industry trends, market analysis, and future forecasts in the country. Recent trends have shown that body shape plays a vital role in determining haircuts and styles, and they also hugely impact the role played by hair salons in the country.  

In this blog, we have discussed some of the best types of haircuts for women, based on their body shapes. You can also get your hair colored if you like. Here are the 7 stunning hair colors for the love season. Choose the hairstyle that suits your body shape so that you look and feel beautiful and confident inside out!