It can be a task to travel with kids, starting from packing, the extra baggage, the journey, and keeping them engaged throughout the travel till you reach back. The entire travel needs a lot of preparation and still, there can be instances that can be unpredictable, like a flight delay. 

Life does not always give you a heads-up. The first thing you have to do is to keep calm and not panic, as that might carry to the child. Only when you don’t panic will you be able to effectively think of what is next. Here is how to handle flight delays with kids and the unexpected!

To munch on!

Children can turn a little more cranky if they are hungry. The food options available at the airport will save your day. Look for something filling to have their appetite in check. If it is something that the child enjoys eating, it will also lift their mood, as they can get irritated with being stuck in a place. 

Play area

Most airports have a facility-like play area for children to deal with such situations. Monitor them carefully, and let them play for some time. It also adds the advantage of the child exerting energy, and they can fall asleep sometime. When you board the plane, the child can peacefully take a nap, allowing you to rest, and it is one of the fun airport activities for kids.

Pack these


You can pack your child’s favorite toy along. You might not be able to stay by till your child plays all the while in the play area. You can have them seated next to you, hand in the toy they like playing with, and keep them engaged for some time. 

Cards, simple board games

If your child is into playing cards or any board games, pack the ones that are travel friendly. These ways can help you have the child around without much effort. It will also get time for you to bond with your child and spend some parent-only time with the child. 


You can pack books like fictional, coloring, or puzzles as per your child’s liking. It can keep the child composed in a place with their own space. 

These can be fun airport activities for kids. It can also keep the parent in a better state of mind. 

Click! Click!

Turning any moment precious and interesting is something you can teach your child in this instance. You can click pictures and tape videos of the time with your child to look back after a few years and to relive moments. It can also be an opportunity to document your child’s growing phase. It can also be one of the best things to do at an airport.

Keep charged

Make sure the gadgets you carry are charged. You can watch movies or videos along with your child if the child enjoys involving in those activities. Do not force your child into doing anything, as it can make them even more cranky. It applies to everything, from eating to spending time.

Hear them out!

It might sound like a trivial act, but it can be the time. In the fast-paced routine, we may not listen enough to what the children feel or have to say. Take this time to listen to what they have to say, about anything, and everything. 

Anytime you travel, get yourself prepared for the probabilities. That way, you will be able to survive the situation if you are left to deal with it. Remember to carry a few things and implement these without much of a panic. When circumstances come with the question, What to do while waiting for a delayed flight? Look back to our blog.