Pregnancy brings a lot of physical and mental changes in women. Traveling during the gestational period is challenging for many ‘new moms’ to be. Here is a guide comprising some pregnancy travel tips. 

Before boarding 

  • Medical backup

Keep ready with the local doctor’s number. When you are in need, you can contact them for immediate assistance. This is one of the most important pieces of advice for pregnant travelers.

  • Fitness certificate

When it comes to tips for flying while pregnant, fitness certification is essential. A ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate from the gynecologist, dated not more than seven days before the date of travel, is required only if the pregnancy is between the 33rd and 36th week in normal pregnancy.

For twins, the certificate must be dated not more than 3 days before the date of travel, if the pregnancy is between 28th and 32nd week.

  • Nausea 

If you are prone to vomiting sensations during travel, be prepared with disposable arrangements. Avoid oily foods that may trigger the feeling of nausea.

  • Gas and diarrhea 

The high altitude on flights may cause lower abdomen discomfort due to intestinal gas. It is safe to not have foods like cabbage, beans, lentils, etc.

  • Destination medical care

Have knowledge of the destination where you are planning to go. Inquire about medical care nearest to your hotel, for emergency medical assistance needed. Be ready with the contact details of the gynecologist. You can ask for recommendations from your current doctor for any friends in the new destination who are obstetricians.

  • Preflight diet

Do not start the journey with an empty stomach. Have a proper meal before checking on the flight. A small pre-flight snack like a banana, a cookie, or an apple can also help in holding the appetite.

  • First aid kit

Pack some basic medicines needed during travel, like for headache, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, etc. You may be in need of these medicines on a long journey. If you have any specific condition like an allergy, include it in the list.

  • Proper luggage

Take rolling luggage, for easy access to move around between places. Check in most of the luggage and make sure the cabin luggage is minimal for a smooth journey. Make sure cabin luggage covers the medical kit.

  • Minimal Luggage

Keep the luggage light. Pack only the minimal things you will be needing on the trip. Don’t just stuff it up. Prefer comfortable garments and other essentials.

  • Be ready with an alternate plan

Have a plan B, and be ready to change for connecting flights, flight cancellations, or postponements. It all depends on the unexpected weather change. It is better for you to travel in a relaxed climate.

  • Travel Insurance

Take travel insurance beforehand, which can be useful in covering expenses if medical health insurance is not accepted in the destination.

During flight

  • Stay hydrated

This is a very important pregnancy travel tip. The growth of the baby needs a lot of water intake. The body of the mother-to-be also needs ample hydration. Never skip a chance to drink fluids (fresh juice would be a great option). 

  • Food Intake

Ask for healthy food choices. Avoid alcohol or carbonated beverage consumption. Take in the veggies and fruits which would give a balanced nutritious diet. 

  • Exercise

Move around the hands and legs, and stretch them out in the middle. Sitting stagnantly for a couple of minutes together will disturb the blood flow in the legs. This may cause discomfort and painful cramps. Walk a bit in a few minutes intervals.

  • Temperature ready

A pregnant woman’s body reacts in its own abnormal way when it comes to temperature. It does not regulate body temperature properly due to anxiety and hormonal changes. you may feel overheated at times and sometimes way too cold. Pack for both conditions. A simple shawl or hoodie can help out better.

  • The aisle seat 

Choose the aisle seat ahead of time, even if it is a little expensive. You will feel comfortable with an aisle seat to use the bathroom recurrently during this time.  

  • Sanitize

Being an expecting mom, you should make sure the tray table and armrest are clean and good. Antibacterial wipes and sanitizer can be handy for secure travel keeping you away from harmful viruses.

Risk in travel during pregnancy

Pregnancy travel tips also cover cautious alerts for pregnant women with the following critical conditions

  • History of vaginal bleeding
  • Cervical problems
  • High blood pressure
  • History of miscarriage
  • History of premature labor.
  • Advise you to discuss this with the current consulting doctor before planning any trip.

The above list of ‘pregnancy tips while flying’ will help expecting mothers to be more cautious and aware during their travel.