Height is not just a number, we have made it a trait, criteria, a benchmark and more. Height has defined a person’s ability to do or be something. Looking tall makes people feel better about themselves, it is also associated with power because taller folks have always had it easier in a particular career path or in life in general. For some odd reason, many people think that tall is better than short.

There is little we can do to change our height, most times it is hereditary. Although there are exercises one could do at a young age to grow taller, it is quite tricky because when we’re young, we wait to grow taller, we think it is a natural process but until we become a certain age we don’t realize we are short or tall or average in height.

At this point, if there’s insecurity about being short, if it puts you down and lowers your confidence or stops you from doing anything, try these cool styling hacks.

Slitted skirts:

Wear a single side slitted skirt and show off your leg. Exposing your legs will definitely make them look longer and hence you seem taller. Straight skirts work the best, instead of an A-line or flared type.

High-Waist bottoms: Any high-waist bottom will transform your look, it draws the attention to the waistline and creates the illusion that the legs start from a much higher level, therefore making you look taller. Try jeans, parallel pants or Culottes that are high-waisted.

Statement belts: Try accessorizing your waist-line with a nice statement belt. Statement belts don’t always have to be wide, they can even be narrow. Draw the attention to your waist, make it stand out. Wearing these with a shirt dress or a maxi dress will work best rather than with pants.