Have you ever worn clothes that you do not like? Wearing a style that isn’t yours feels like a different person. And this remains the same for jewelry, shoes, and other watches. A watch imitates your style and personality. One of the most asked questions: ‘What watch size is best suitable for my hand?’ This question is quite normal to hear because various misconceptions are associated with watches and their sizes. So, it is vital to know which watch comfort and style is suited best for you. Read along to know the tips for finding the perfect watch fit. 

How to measure hand size for the watch? 

It is crucial to measure your wrist where you usually wear a watch using flexible tape. Additionally, you can use a thin string or paper strip for wrist measuring. You must do a mark where the string/tape protrudes from your wrist. In the case of a string or paper strip, set it on a ruler to measure it. The average watch size for men and women are mentioned below:

  • The average watch size for men with a wrist circumference of 7.5 – 9.5 inches is 1.6 – 1.8 inches. 
  • For women, the average wrist size with a circumference of 5.9 – 7.1 inches is 1.3 – 1.7 inches. 

Apart from these, all your worries to measure the wrist size removes easily using a watch size calculator. Your selected watch should be comfortable to wear and implement your personality. 

Primary factors to consider while buying a watch 

Several questions come to your mind before purchasing a watch.  A few of these include:

  1. What is the perfect diameter?
  2. Which watch size should I select?
  3. What color is best?

Getting answers to the above questions ensures you choose the correct wristwatch. Let’s look at some necessary factors regarding the watch selection guide. 

Watch case size diameter 

You might think about how a watch case’s thickness is connected to its size. The case diameter depends upon what you feel is appropriate for your wrist. For example, consider an instance in which your friend takes a look at your watch and tell it doesn’t suit your hand. So, it is vital to identify the watch case thickness first that range from six to ten in most automatic watches collections. You can opt for a slim watch for small or medium wrists that assist you in achieving a finished and balanced look. 

Watch bandwidth 

A bandwidth of about half its case diameter is viewable in a well-proportioned watch. The width should be relatively 25mm if you wear a 50mm watch. In another case, a 21mm bandwidth is visible if your watch features a 42mm case. Moreover, you can wear a watch with wider bandwidth according to your style preference. The watch selection guide regarding bandwidth helps you to pick wristwatches depending on individual interests. 

Case thickness

Normally, the case diameter decreases or increases the case thickness. You can view around 7mm in thickness for a 38mm to 42mm case diameter. The case thickness increases around 9mm when you get 44mm and beyond. 

Watch case shapes

You can acquire several watch case shapes such as square, cushion, rectangle, oval, and more. The same case size is obtainable based on the difference in watch case shapes. Components such as the case design and geometry make the wristwatch seem smaller or bigger than the case shape. A round shape watch is ideal if you want a traditional watch. Also, you can opt for oval shaped watch when you need something more elegant. 

Choosing the accurate wristwatch is not burdensome once you identify what factors to consider. Your wrist size is the primary part of buying a watch. By looking into a watch selection guide, you can select the perfect watch following your preference.