Discovering acne, pimples, or what is popularly known as ‘zits’ is like a nightmare come true. We strive to get clear and flawless skin by using tons of products in the market but there are times when nature does get the better of us. Here are the top 7 Worse Mistakes we make when we have zits and how to prevent them once you spot them.

1) Popping pimples

This is the mistake that tops the list among the other mistakes we commit. Pinching the pimple is only going to make things worse. It will encourage the spread of bacteria and make the breakout worse. And what’s more, you could land up with permanent scars.  So it’s best to keep your hands away from your face unless you want to land up in bigger trouble.

7 Worse Mistakes we make when we have zits-Popping pimples

2) Slathering on zit cream

Sure you want your zit to disappear as soon as it can. But slathering on too much of zit cream is not going to help the matter. Using too much can only dry and irritate the skin. The best solution is to apply the cream with a tiny dab.

Slathering on zit cream

3) Covering it up with foundation

A lot of us try to cover zits with makeup. A concealer only makes the zit look more obvious. So avoid the cakey look and draw attention to the area by applying layers of makeup like foundation, concealer, and powder. A tab bit of product is enough to cover it up.

Covering it up with foundation

4) Scrubbing your face squeaky clean

Zits are not always caused by having a dirty face. All the dirt in your pores is not going to come out by scrubbing. It will send your face oil production into overdrive mode and also inflame the skin on your face. You also bear the risk of having the bacteria all over your face.

Scrubbing your face squeaky clean

5) Touching it

As much as we want to keep our hands away most of us want to feel the pimple, see if can fall off with little pressure or simply touch it to inspect it. It is one of the top 7 Worse Mistakes we make when we have zits  You should always Keep your hands away as you only end up spreading the bacteria all over your face and increasing the chances of more infection and more pimples.

Touching Zits

6) Switching treatment methods

Treatments for zits take a few days to show any results. So if you keep switching between different treatments you only stand the risk of inflammation and irritating your skin.

 7 Worse Mistakes we make when we have zits-Switching treatment for Zits

7) Skipping moisturizers

We are under the impression that oily faces don’t need moisturizing as they already contain oils. The idea is even more ingrained when we have zits.

Find an oil-free formula that will keep your skin soft and supple. Every skin needs moisture and all moisturizers are not the same which causes pimples. Remember to find a formula that suits you best.