Most people are interested in learning self-defense these days. They focus on martial arts to protect themselves. Wondering what is the best self-defense martial art? Karate, Krav Maga, Russian Sambo, Wing Chun, Keysi Fighting Method, Savate, Aikido, Muay Thai, Boxing, Silat, and BJJ are the best martial arts for self-defense. These martial arts help you in real-life fights to combat risky situations. Let’s explore different types of martial arts that can be useful in real-life situations. 

Top Best Self-Defense Martial Art

Top Best Self-Defense Martial Art

Martial arts focus on practical moves for self-defense. These arts teach you self defensive tricks such as a mix of fighting, hitting, and the best way to stay safe all the time. You can pick a martial art that picks your goal in real-life scenarios. 

1. Muay Thai 

Muay Thai

Also known as Thai boxing, it involves punches, grappling, kicks, and blocks. You can learn these techniques by using Thai pads. Muay Thai helps you learn how to use your body as a powerful weapon. This martial art gives you the right to defend against multiple attackers. 

2. Savate


This is one of the best self-defense martial arts practiced by men and women of all ages around the world. Savate, also known as French boxing, uses kicks and punches in rapid movements. Adding hand strikes makes this martial art more effective. 

3. Wing Chun

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is famous for its targeted strikes and direct approach. This is a close-range self-defense, emphasizing precise strikes and punches to the shape. If you have trouble with slow reflexes and personal spaces, Wing Chun is right for you. This martial art improves your concentration and balance. 

4. Judo 


The best martial art style that takes your attacker down to the ground. Judo focuses on pins, throws, arm locks, and chokes. This will improve your flexibility, positivity, strength, self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities. 

5. Karate 


This Japanese martial art originating from Okinawa focuses on powerful strikes. You can find this art very valuable in real-life situations. Wado-ryu, Shotokan, Shito-ryu, and Goju-ryu are the four main styles of karate. 

6. Jiu Jitsu 

Jiu Jitsu

The primary focus of Jiu-jitsu is to put your opponent on hold without knocking them out. This is wrestling focused on joint locks, same throws, and choke holds. If your attacker catches you from behind, these martial arts moves are quite helpful. 

7. Hapkido


Hapkido is a Korean martial art that emphasizes punches, kicks, and joint locks that keep your energy centered. This martial art is capable of managing diverse situations using circular techniques. 

8. Taekwondo


Another Korean martial art notable for its deadly and quick kicks. Punches, throws and kicks are the main attacks included in Taekwondo. This martial art teaches you how to make your every kick precise, painful, and fast. 

9. Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (MMA) incorporates several self-defense techniques from wrestling, karate, judo, boxing, and jujitsu. It helps you handle a wide range of situations and discipline for protection. You can be more confident in your daily activities which helps elevate your mood. 

10. Krav Maga 

Krav Maga

This martial art is developed by Israeli self-defense forces and can be used in real-life situations for good reason. Krav Maga helps you use your whole body and surroundings to defend yourself. 

Hope you have an idea about the best self-defense martial art. All these ensure your self-defense in today’s changing world. So, it’s time to discover which martial art fits your goal, comfort, and fitness. Choose the right one to deal with the toughest situations.