Do regular cardiac exercises like running. This will help you run swiftly when you are in a dangerous situation without losing stamina. Practice self defense techniques in your free time. Learn to use everyday objects like keys, comb, perfume spray to deter the opponents. Learn to yell and shout at a high pitch. You can grab people’s attention during the actual threat.

Escape from a wrist grab

When the attacker holds your wrist the common mistake everyone does is pulling hand away. But the attacker will tighten his grip further and your wrist will hurt and you can’t release yourself like this. A simple technique is rotating your wrist so that your thumb lines up with your attacker’s fingers and jerk swiftly downwards by bending your elbow.

Nose strike

If the attacker’s face is closer to you, target his nose with an upward palm strike. Breaking a nose like this is much more painful.


Neck- Vagus nerve punch

Use a knife hand strike ( keeping all fingers straight and tightly together, with thumb tucked and slightly bent at the knuckle) even a weak blow to the opponent’s neck just below his ear will cause intense pain and make him even lose consciousness

Defending a hair grab

If the opponent grabs your hair from the front hold his wrist tight with both of your hand. Push his hand further toward your hand so that he can only move your head but not your hair. Gently move one hand up to grab his pinky finger and quickly pull it back towards his wrist.
If the assailant comes from behind and grabs your hair, turn around facing him. Duck and rotate under his arm. Then push his arm that is grabbing your hair down and release yourself.

Choke escape

One hand choke: bend the opponent’s fingers backwards towards the wrist with the intention of breaking it.
Two hand choke: bend both your hands at your elbows and move upwards in between the opponent’s hands hit his hands away with force.