Are you planning to have a baby

Are you planning to have a baby?

Surely, it is a great decision. Hey! But there are many things that a couple should consider before they plan to start a family. Most of the parents must have shared their experiences about having babies and how they are the best things ever happened to them. Some things should be kept in mind and starting a family will have to sacrifice on a few things as well.

You and your partner should be prepared mentally and physically and understand what should be prioritized and not. Usually the parents force the couple as soon as the couple gets married to have babies. The couple is still on the wedding high and don’t know what to do when they think of starting a family. It is very easy to stop pills and have babies, but what is most important is to know are you ready as a couple for it. So here are a few things that can tell you, what you need to do to understand if you are ready for babies or not.

Consider your situation as a couple. Discuss with your partner if he is ready for children. Think about the time management, work schedule, finances and goals of your future. Discuss together if you like kids and if you want kids. Also finances play a vital role in pregnancy and the development of the baby. Can you afford the baby? The couple needs to be physically, emotionally, mentally and financially strong to have babies.

Your relationship with your partner is very important before having babies. You should have a strong bond with each other and both should be able to handle this situation together. If the marriage is not working, or you feel you are not loved or there is an awkward feeling while living with your spouse then work out on the marriage first.

A few things are very important and should be discussed with the doctor and your partner first. If you are a career oriented  woman and have an important career decision coming up, then don’t think about the baby till you achieve it. Discuss about the complications in pregnancy due to growing age, maternal and paternal leaves and the right time you both are thinking to start the family. You might need a lot of energy to raise kids.

Starting a family can result in anything. Sometimes you end up in twins. There is where the real test starts. There is additional pressure from the parents; the possibility of having a difficult pregnancy, complications during the pregnancy with growing age and stress, not conceiving even after many attempts can be very depressing. At the end, it’s your partner who will always be there for you.

You both as a couple and would be parents have to discuss, communicate and prioritize things in your life and plan a baby.

You should consider all of the above things and then decide if you are ready to start a family or not?

If your answer is yes, then visit a doctor for further consultation. This well planned decision will surely  help  you have  a happy family.