never sy tese things to a pregnant women

Pregnancy is considered to a special phase in the life of a woman. It is not only a phase to give life to a new born, but even a woman takes a re-birth when she delivers her baby. A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during this time. Some women get pregnant but remain the same throughout the body, while some woman increases in size to a great extent. Due to an extensive hormonal changing condition, it indeed becomes a difficult situation for a woman to experience, especially newly expecting mothers. Pregnancy is a very sensitive phase and hence it becomes essential for people around her to take utmost care. It is essential to behave well and take extra care of pregnant woman especially when she needs people the most around her. Due to expanding body shape, it sometimes becomes difficult for expecting mothers to cope with it. Sometimes people often forget to avoid certain statements while talking to pregnant women. Hence check out the things that one should avoid saying to a pregnant woman or a friend.

Never say to your pregnant friend:

  1. I think, you can burst anytime- This sounds to be a real insult to a pregnant woman. She will not show up but somewhere she will feel offended in the heart. This impacts her mentally and brings great amount of consciousness for her personality. Hence, people should not refer anything for the shape and size of a pregnant woman.
  2. Oh twin babies, you are totally booked now-People often find babies to be time engaging and time wasting sources. In case of twin babies, people often say negative things to parents for them being super busy behind taking care of two babies at the same time. Instead people should understand the joy which babies get for the family and people around.
  3. Try to sleep as much as possible now only- A mother is always waiting for a time when she can really stay awake for her baby all the time. People unnecessarily make it an issue and try to poke the expecting mother for her future sleepless nights. This is really annoying at times. Hence, people should not speak out with respect to a mother’s sleep.
  4. Pointing out the looks of a pregnant woman-Pregnancy brings great changes in a woman’s body. It not only impacts the body but it also brings great changes on the face. Many a times the face swells up and develops cankles, rashes, etc…. Hence people should not offend the expecting mother by making her realize about these marks.
  5. How much will you eat?-Pregnancy is a blessing for a woman. During this phase, a woman needs to take care of her baby as well as herself. Hence she needs to eat and drink well. A pregnant woman feels hungry consistently as the food is also being consumed by the baby as well. As a result she craves for food and special things as per the mood swings and changes. People often forget and point out about the eating habits of the woman which is very awful. Thus, people should avoid doing such pointing.