Fibromyalgia condition can be relieved through exercises

Chronic pain in body, muscle and tenderness in tissue besides sleep problems are caused in a person suffering from fibromyalgia. There are several tender points or painful areas in the back, neck, knees and elbows where severe shooting pain can be experienced. Exercises have known to offer great relief from this painful situation by relieving fibro pain. It becomes easier for a person to cope up with this painful condition.

Benefits of exercises in fibromyalgia

Exercise brings about activeness in a person and this is the reason behind doctors recommending fitness and exercise program as soon as fibromyalgia is diagnosed. Exercises are recommended even before any medicine is prescribed. This is a clear indication that exercises play a vital role in overcoming pain associated with this problem. Staying active is the most important and significant aspect of overall plan of treatment.

According to a research conducted in this field, three months of moderate aerobics along with strength training brings about an improvement in the pain and enhances overall well being. Researchers have proved beyond doubt that exercising on a regular basis is one of the most effective treatments of fibromyalgia condition.

Wonders of Walking

Walking is a mild form of exercising and it has proven to impart a lot of advantages among patients suffering from fibromyalgia. The reason behind its advantages is that walking is considered to be an aerobic activity with low impact. It helps to ensure more oxygen coming to the muscles that helps in decreasing stiffness and pain. Doctors also suggest short interval exercises instead of going for a longer sprint as pulse form of exercise is known to provide more benefits in comparison to prolonged duration of exercising. The patient must start with a 10 minute walk and slowly and gradually increase the duration. It can be taken up to 30 minutes walking in a day.

Increasing heat

Light exercises accompanied with warm water offers great relief to the patient. This combo has known to offer excellent results when it comes to relieving pain associated with fibromyalgia. Women who indulged in aquatic regimen of exercises in a pool of heated water for just 60 minutes three times in a week found a remarkable reduction in the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Another study conducted in this field displayed a lot of advantages to the patients who went with 8 month long program which involved 10 minutes of warm up with slow walking, 10 minutes moderate aerobics, 20 minutes of mobility and strength exercises and lastly 10 minutes of cooling down exercises.

Stretching exercises

Many people believe that until and unless sweat starts rolling of their backs, exercising is not complete. In case of fibromyalgia, engaging even in simple exercises can also bring about a lot of relief. According to doctors, stretching, muscle relaxation and a correct posture also plays a vital role when it comes to easing pain. One must not overdo exercises and do only those exercises that he or she is comfortable doing as mild exercises can also decrease pain.