Breakups are one of the highly traumatic episodes that occur in the life of many people. For people who are extra sensitive, such a situation can have a drastic impact on their lives. Their confidence shatters and they hide themselves in a shell. If these people are students, their studies take a back seat as their ragged emotions do not allow them to concentrate on their studies. Even when they are aware that they need to move on, get a grip on their emotions and concentrate on their studies, they are unable to do so. There are few ways that can help them to overcome their sorrows and get their lives back on the track.

Follow these suggestions and don’t let breakup stop you you from achieving

  1. Avoiding unnecessary calls to your ex-
    Give you emotions some time and let things cool a little. Calling your ex-boyfriend again and again will result in unnecessary altercations. Think about the situation with a cool head. If there is no hope of getting back with your ex, there is no need to wallow in your miseries. Let go of this relationship and start afresh.
  2. Take help from your friends-
    The best way to overcome bitter feelings after a breakup is to take help from people who can act as your support system. Your friends and near and dear ones, who have seen you going through happy phase in your life to a sad one can understand your trauma. Talking about all those things that are bothering you will help to get a grip on your volatile feelings. Bottling up emotions will keep creating problems for you. Once you have vented your anger, you will feel liberated. Your friends will not only help you to overcome this bad phase in your life but will also help you to move towards studies. Whenever you are feeling down, they will prod you gently and tell you not to lose focus on your goals.
  3. Avoid anti depressants, drugs and alcohol-
    Many people think that resorting to drugs, alcohol or anti depressants will help them overcome their woes but it is not true. Resorting to all these things will in fact make matters worse. Again, support of family members and friends can help you to realise larger aims in your life.
  4. Take help from counsellors-
    Every college have counsellors that understand the problems students go through, both personal as well as professional. They are well qualified and equipped to handle such situations faced commonly by young people. Counsellors not only help them to come out of their guilt of a broken relationship but also help them to steer towards their studies slowly and gradually. In institutions where there is mentor system, students can be motivated by their mentors to create new goals for them and try hard to achieve them. They can also be involved in various college activities to divert their mind and get engrossed in activities that help them to come out of their misery.

Above ways and suggestions can help students to refocus on their studies after a breakup