A rubber ducky is an adorable little toy that is used for various games and activities. The toy, in the shape of a duck, is primarily yellow. With time, it was also manufactured in different colors, donning various designs and styles. Rubber duckies contribute to various positive aspects of a person’s mood. It helps to relax, stay calm, and relieve stress and tension.

What makes Rubber ducks unique?

With the introduction of several toys and dolls over the years, people still prefer the little yellow rubber ducks over certain toys. These rubber ducks are considered an important toy in every kid’s life due to their simple yet unique features.

Despite being found over a century ago, rubber duckies still dominate the market as it is one of the universal toys suitable for children of all ages. The toy tends to remain in the market as it is capable of adapting to the era the toy is in. Remember Hulk-like rubber ducky? “What can I do with a rubber ducky?” There are several things to do with rubber ducks and check out five fun rubber ducky games!

5 Funny things with Rubber duck

1. Rubber ducky baby shower game ideas

Rubber ducks are lifesavers when it comes to taking care of babies. It is a harmless and fun toy for preschoolers, toddlers, and even infants. Bathing kids are one of the hardest things a parent can do and rubber ducks could just make it easier for them.

Place one rubber ducky in the bathtub before getting your kid in it. There are also several rubber ducky baby shower game ideas, like rubber ducky race, and bubble games and one can try to give their kids a great play time. Rubber ducks keep the kid occupied with the fun and happiness they can provide and eventually help the parent carry out a hassle-free bathing session.

2. Ducky hunting

How do you play the game rubber duck? There are plenty of games one can try out with rubber ducks. Attach a magnet to the rubber ducks and let them sink in the water. The person who ‘fishes’ the most rubber ducks would be the winner!

3. The Balancing Act

This is a famous and very thoughtful game for children. Keep a rubber duck on the children’s heads and conduct a race. The kid who balances the duck on the head and finishes the race would be the winner.

4. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are one of the most interesting games among kids. The organizer would hide the treasure (any object) anywhere in the house and would leave clues for the children to use their brains and find the treasure. Instead of any object, the organizer can use a rubber ducky as the treasure!

5. Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle race for kids with rubber ducks, be it for a short or long distance. This would improve the physical and thinking skills of children.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and embrace the silliness of these rubber duck games!

Rubber Duck Games for adults

Here are some rubber duck games that are perfect for adults:

  1. Duck Races with a Twist: Set up an obstacle course for rubber duck races, but add challenges like blindfolding participants or using unconventional tools to propel the ducks, creating a hilarious and competitive atmosphere.
  2. Duck Trivia: Incorporate rubber ducks into a trivia game. Each duck represents a different category, and participants choose a duck before answering questions. Correct answers earn points, and the highest score wins.
  3. Duck Pictionary: Combine the classic game of Pictionary with rubber ducks as drawing subjects. Players take turns sketching ducks, and their artistic interpretations often lead to laughter.
  4. Duck Charades: Similar to traditional charades, players act out phrases or movie titles using rubber ducks as props. It’s a comical twist that adds a new layer of fun.
  5. Duck Karaoke Contest: Have a karaoke contest where participants sing their favorite songs to an attentive audience of rubber ducks. The ducks can be the judges, “quacking” their approval.

Remember, the goal is to infuse some lighthearted fun and humor into these games, making them enjoyable for adults while embracing the playful spirit of rubber ducks.