Never miss out on anything before you turn 30! Make sure you implement your wishlist. Enjoy each and every second. Yes! It is hard to be strong all the time, take your time to process to come out stronger. 

Of course, it is pretty sure that you may be in your 20s and curious to know what you should not miss before you hit your 30s! It is considered to be a perfect age that has the ability to know inside and out. 

Life is unpredictable many times. It is okay to break sometimes and then emerge with new strong wings. 

Things all women should do before turning 30

The best way to run your life is by being an independent woman. So, the first thing is to maintain a good job profile no matter what your future will be. For the rest of your life, you can be relaxed and busy. 

Driving may be difficult for people who don’t know to drive. It doesn’t matter if you have a car or bike, learning is more important. The more you fall the more you rise. Imagine yourself going on a solo long drive with your favorite music on, you will experience heaven on earth. Sounds great right?  Just go for it. 

The most important to be noted is financial freedom. Try to save as much as you can. Because to be healthy, both physically and mentally, one needs to have money to pamper themselves and their close ones. 

Fun Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Being a workaholic day and night is fine. But, make sure your mental health doesn’t get boring and tired. Go for a trip either solo or with your close friends or family. Having a break from your daily routine and alarms will definitely make you feel excited and ready for any challenges. 

People say money cannot buy happiness. Yes, that’s true! Money cannot bring you a true relationship without expecting anything. Having someone and sharing things can make you feel light. 

Learn to cook because cooking is beautiful relaxation. Try out baking cakes, cookies, and all your favorite restaurant-style foods. This will upgrade your cooking style and enjoy it in a relaxed way. It also means sharing and caring, imagine you are baking your own birthday cake or your close ones’, and you can experience extreme excitement. 

Learn any musical instrument for fun. It is irrelevant whether you are not from a musical background. There is no restriction for learning. Music also helps your mental health for peace. Choose any instrument based on your interest. You can learn as a hobby or do grades to make a career in music or out of pure curiosity.

Crazy things to do before 30

Go to a hill station, and on the top of the hill, scream something thunderous. You might like it or dislike it. Sure you get emotional as well as excited. The more you scream the more you express. 

Learning new skills may be useful and also fun. It may be anything like dancing, pottery, or anything you like to do. This will be helpful for the rest of your life. 

Explore and experience the world, and do all the crazy things to do before 30 and if time permits do beyond that.