Food has always been considered to be one of the greatest needs of the human body. Food gives us energies and contributes deeply in boosting our growth and development till we get aged. Our eating habits are influenced by various aspects like our family, tradition, culture, place, friends, etc… We often eat what we see our elders have been doing and try to also follow the same pattern. But have you ever thought that your fooding habits determine the kind of personality you are? The answer is definitely a yes. Our Food choices definitely say about the type of person we are. You can explore about your personality as well by reading about the characteristics of below mentioned food items.

Which Food personality you are?

  1. Chocolates: Chocolates have always been our favorite since we were kids. But few people still remain a chocoholic even when they land in their middle ages as well. Chocolate lovers are simply romantic and passionate at heart. They staunchly believe in Valentine and other associated days. They feel like celebrating every romantic moment with chocolates. Although they grow by age, but are still young at heart.
  2.  Ice Creams: When summers start approaching, we crave for ice creams and sundaes. But there are few who find it exciting to consume ice cream anytime throughout the year. Ice Cream lovers are very childish from heart. They are a special innocence like the one which we can find in small children. Their heart is naughty and carefree. They can even happy in celebrating small moments with just one small ice cream as well. They also share it amongst their loved ones.
  3.  Hot Dogs/Burgers: We can often find the Americans gorging on Hot dogs, Hamburgers, fries, etc… Such people are emotional eaters. They are aware of the consequences of such food items, yet they consume it in a search for a better food. They are surely not happy of their eating habits. They keep on looking for other fitness food items, but still land up on burgers, etc…
  4. Nachos and Tacos: People going for nachos and tacos are quite particular about their food. They know what they are eating and what is in trend. They understand the ingredients as well. Such people try to go for authentic restaurants serving the best cuisine for them.
  5. Bacon: Bacon eaters are proud carnivore’s eaters. They feel great when they consume meat, beef, chicken, etc… Such people question the existence of vegan lovers. They find no charm in vegetarian food. They regard non vegetarian food to be just the best in all senses. They often participate in the debate of vegetarian food Vs Non Vegetarian Food.
  6. Donuts/Cronuts: Donut and Cronut lovers have sweet tooth. They often crave for it and enjoy especially post meals. Also people checking out cronuts believe in living a branded life style. They enjoy the best of the music of the current times and the pop singer as well. They enjoy wearing branded clothes and feel great about it.
  7. Salads: Salad eaters are health conscious people. They are particular about their health regime and thus understand the importance of fitness in their lives. They do yoga and go for light beer.
  8. Cheese/Macroni/Pasta:  Cheese, pasta and macroni lovers are classic eaters. They get influenced with the international fooding and enjoy it in all times. They have a classic choice with respect to books and movies as well. It also gives a homely feeling to the food lovers.
  9. Pizza: Pizza lovers are very sensitive to their friends. They believe in hanging out with friends and make the most of times. They enjoy having Pizza when they are out with them. Pizza lovers are fun loving and jovial in nature.