Tips to Fight food cravings

Many people suffer from unusual hunger pangs and food cravings. One may crave for salty foods or sweet foods but when consumed in excess, it does not offer the satisfaction that is expected. Food cravings have an impact on the bodies just like drugs or alcohol addiction. It causes people wanting to crave for more while deriving little pleasure from them. It is very important to overcome such cravings. For this purpose one can apply several strategies that help in tackling this problem.

Following tips helps in Fighting food cravings

  1. Chew gum – If you feel that your brain is directing you towards some mindless munch, you can try chewing gum. Gum is known to have a lot of impact on reducing food cravings. Chewing activity send signals to the brain. It is important to note that one must go for sugar free gum instead of some candy. Mouth stays occupied this way which also help in fighting cavities when gum is chewed after meals.
  2. Chew on dried nuts- Dry fruits and nuts are believed to offer a lot of benefits. Chewing just a handful of nuts has the ability to give a feeling of fullness. One must avoid chewing sugary candy and instead option for dry nuts. These nuts have natural sweetness that tremendously helps in curbing cravings for sugar besides offering satisfaction that comes from hunger reducing fibers.
  3. Chocolates- Chocolates are also the best way to control unusual hunger pangs and food cravings. Grabbing some chocolate once in a while will reduce the craving for food items significantly. Also, it is not wise to deny yourself completely. It is best to go for just small pieces that offer no more than 150 calories. High cocoa content in chocolates offer excellent health benefits.
  4. Salty snacks- When you suffer from food cravings, go for a salty snack instead of fried chips and doodles made up of cheese as the latter are not good for the body. Grabbing salty nuts also proves to be beneficial for health. It provides essential proteins and fats with less sodium in comparison to chips.
  5. Avoid vending machines- It is important to steer clear of vending machines and drive thru’s whenever hunger strikes. Once in a while one must switch over to trail mix, yogurt or snack bar that is HE-approved.
  6. Crunchies- Munching on crunchies that are salty and fried can still leave you hungry. Thus, one must go for cereals that are made from whole grains as they are healthier choices in comparison to greasy chips.
  7. Creamy flavours- If you crave for something creamy, it is wise to go for tangy and smooth goodness of Greek yogurt which has low fat content. If some flavour is needed, one can use a dash of jam, honey or peanut butter.
  8. Avoiding late night sojourns to vending machines- It is always good to eat light at night and get your quota of healthy calories through the day.

Following above tips can help in reining food cravings.