obsessed with coffee

How to conquer coffee obsession?

Obsession of any kind can be harmful for the body, soul and mind. Whether it is a behavioral habit or a food related habit, a line must be drawn between habit and obsession. The number of coffee lovers is increasing all over the world with great gusto. Though, this drink offers a wide range of health benefits and advantages, going overboard may become harmful. Most of the times, people are not even sure if they are addicted with coffee. Body sends out few signals or indications showing coffee dependency.

  1. The first sign of coffee dependency is intense craving for the drink as soon as one gets up in the morning. Avid coffee drinkers who have been drinking this brew every single day for years together can vouch for this indication sent out by the body. Such people are usually the first ones knocking on the doors of Starbucks. Come lunch time, they are again rushing out for another round of coffee to tide them over for the rest of the day. It has been seen that when such people do not get to drink coffee on their usual time, they suffer from throbbing headaches and clammy hands. This is a sign of pure addiction.
  2. Second sign that they are obsessed with coffee is sent out by their minds. Mentally, they are so dependent on coffee that if they are not able to get a large cup in the morning, their productivity for the day shows a downward swing. They are unable to stay alert and active for the whole day. It has been seen that people with longer working hours need coffee constantly for warding off sleep and keeping fatigue at bay.
  3. Third sign is fluctuating levels of energy in the bodies of coffee aficionados. They will feel bouts of high energy and low energy in their body that is engineered by their coffee intake. In the long run, this may become a significant problem when people are unable to work without having a cup of coffee.
  4. Fourth sign of coffee addiction is a “SOS” cry from the body when heart beat and pulse rate get unusually high. Studies have indicated that coffee increases heart beat and pulse rate to an abnormal rate in chronic coffee drinkers. This is a serious indication given by the body and it must be heeded by people seriously.
  5. Fifth indication of coffee addiction is yellowed or highly stained teeth. This can become quite embarrassing for people who place a lot of importance on looks and overall personality.

These signs clearly indicate that one needs to check his or her coffee drinking habits lest it becomes a full blown addiction. Once coffee drinking habit is controlled, there will be withdrawal symptoms just like any other addiction treatment, but one needs to persevere and get rid of this problem. Coffee needs t be enjoyed rather than getting addicted to this heavenly brew!