8 Unusual uses of toothpaste

We all use toothpaste to brush our teeth. But there are several other uses of toothpaste. You would never have thought of most of these unusual uses.

  1. Stain remover-Apply toothpaste to stains caused by food or make up and brush for a couple of minutes and wash as usual. If the stain is very strong, allow the toothpaste to dry. Be careful not to use whitening toothpaste on colored clothes.
  2.  Polish jewelry and silver-Polish your silver and stoned jewelry using toothpaste and a soft brush. Follow by washing with warm water and using a microfiber cloth to dry.Do not use this method for pearls, as it can lead to scratches on the surface.
  3.  Clean shoes-Toothpaste is ideal to remove the scuff marks present on all kinds of shoes. Just wipe off these marks using a cloth and toothpaste.
  4.  Iron box-If you feel that your iron is dirty and filled with mineral buildup, don’t fret. Wipe the irons surface with a damp cloth containing toothpaste. Wipe clean with water for the second time. Make sure the iron is not hot or plugged in before you start the cleanup.
  5.  Scratches-We all have CD’s and even mobile phones with scratches on them. You can reduce the visibility of scratches on your phones and Cd by wiping the surface with toothpaste using a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process and make sure all the toothpaste comes off before you use it again.
  6.  Baby milk bottles-Repeated use can cause baby milk bottles to develop an odor. Instead of using regular dish washing detergent, try toothpaste. You’ll be surprised with the result.
  7.  Stinky hands-There are smells that no amount of hand wash will help remove from your palms. Instead try scrubbing your hands with toothpaste and the smell will vanish into thin air.
  8. Pimples and Sores-Are you suffering from sores and pimples? Simple dab on the affected area with toothpaste and allow it to dry overnight. By morning most likely you will wake up to find the sore disappeared or reduced from its original size.

Have fun using toothpaste the unusual way!