6 Situations when the truth need not be told

How many times have we told the truth and landed up in deep shit. If skipping telling the truth is not going to harm anyone then the ideal situation would be is if it doesn’t come out in the open at all.

Here are some truths that are best kept in one’s head and not to the other person:

1. When your fiancée ask you what you felt about his mother

If you did not like her, do not tell him the truth, no matter how honest you are with each other. It will hurt his feelings and literally kill him emotionally. No guy wants their girl to hate his mom.

2. Cheesy romantic gesture

For all you know, your partner would have scouted a million stores to get you that perfect piece of jewelry. The truth is that you hate it and wish he’d bought you something else. Do not tell him the truth and hurt his feelings. He did it out of love for you. Sure it’s ugly or lame or even cheesy but smile and make him happy.

3. Boss criticizes your work

Your boss might not be happy with your work and the last thing he would want to hear after being presented bad work is lame excuses for not getting it done right. Instead just listen to all that he says and accept the criticism.

4. Opinion on a wedding dress

Friends usually call their close pals to approve their wedding dress selections. If you don’t like it, do not say it outright. You friend might not be able to take the fact that it’s not nice. Even you wouldn’t want to be told that your selection of a wedding outfit is rotten.

5. Pregnancy weight

Women already feel fat during their pregnancy. The last thing any of your girl friends or sisters needs to hear is that they look like an elephant or have gained more than they should. Spare the comments on weight gain for the young pregnant ladies.

6. Compliments on achievements

Your friend might expect appreciation or compliments from you for her latest achievement such as a painting or her show on the television. Appreciate no matter what. That’s what friends do. Give their ego a little boost because after all they are your friends at the end of the day and deserve every bit of happiness they can get.

Remember you’re not lying, you’re just hiding the truth!