Most of us use our machines only to wash our clothes and other fabrics. But there are other things that we can wash in our machines without ruining them.

As a matter of fact, we hand wash a lot of stuff thinking they won’t survive a trip in the washing machine.

Here are 5 things that we can machine wash  that we didn’t know earlier:

1. Stuffed animals

Other than those stuffed toys that have hairs falling off when you touch it, you can wash stuffed animals in the machine. Simply place the stuffed toy in a cloth bag that can be sealed and wash on a gentle cycle.

2. Pillows

I know we are worried that our pillows will get all lumpy if we wash them in the machine. But that is not true. Wash them as usual in the machine and then dry in the drier.

Make sure the pillow is dry before using as moist pillow stuffing can become a breeding ground for bacteria or fungus.

3. Sports gear

Some sports gear like knee caps and wrist bands can also be washed clean in the machine.

4. Bags

You can wash all types of bags in the machine. Simple turn the bags inside out and if possible pull of the zippers so that it doesn’t affect wash cycle and place in a pillow cover. Wash as usual.

5. Shoes made of fabric

The idea of washing shoes in the washing machine might sound revolting to some people. But for those who don’t mind and would like to make their life easier, simply place shoes in a cloth bag that is sealed and wash on a gentle cycle.

Do not tumble dry but instead all the shoes to naturally dry in the open air. This is ideal to wash dirty sneakers of children.

So make your life easier by washing these things in the machine.