Bra hacks – Women put a lot of effort and spend a wholesome of money while buying bras.  Starting from getting the right size bras, choosing their favorite style, checking the perfect fit and finishing, there are a lot of things that you should be looking into while buying your bra.  But are these enough? Owning a good bra doesn’t end there. You have to maintain it properly to make them shine as new for a long time. For your bra to look new even after a number of users you need to try some bra hacks. Are you worried that the expensive bras you bought recently look like rags already? It could be your sports bra, beginner bra, push-up bra or even a nursing bra. Don’t worry.  We are here to help you.

1. Hand Wash Your Bras

Hand Wash Your Bras

A recent survey shows that many women wash their bras with hands only when they are new.  This means most of us to take good care of our bras only until its first wash. Isn’t it true? As in my case either I feel lazy to wash with my hands or am busy with other work that I finally toss it in the washing machine with other clothes and with a heavy heart, of course.  Then the bras turn officially old. But do you know that hand washing your bra every time will make it look brand new? Here is a secret to motivate you to hand wash your bras from today. Reward yourself after every wash. It could be a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn or a 30-minute video game.  “I will hand wash my bras then I am going to watch a movie”. This really helps!

2. Wash Your Bras Separately

Just because you hand wash your bras doesn’t mean it’s over. Don’t wash them with other clothes even while you hand wash them.  When you soak your bra with other clothes it may get stained through color leaching from other clothes. A stained bra is not at all termed as a new bra even it is newly bought.  Make sure the colors won’t wash away when you soak multiple bras together. Give them a gentle rubbing motion while washing and don’t rub the bra against a hard floor. Regularly washed bras may have only sweat residue and other dirt.  These will go off by the rinsing itself. It doesn’t need any rubbing or scratching. Any hard food stains can be removed with the application of lemon juice and hot water.

3. Watch the Detergent You Use

Detergent You Use

Detergents are harmful to the fabric however mild it may be.  Use only a sufficient quantity of detergent. Use a measuring scoop or cup while taking detergent to wash your bras, don’t pour randomly.  Rinse off several times for the complete removal of detergent residues. 

Detergent is not always a solution to wash your bras.  If you have worn it only for a few hours you can just rinse it a few times in warm water. 

You can use a mild scented detergent to remove strong perfume odors from your bras. 

Sprinkling table salt on and mildly rubbing with few drops of hot water will take away the wine stain in the bras.

4. Use a Lingerie Bag While Washing Your Bras in a Washing Machine

Lingerie Bag

Washing your everyday bras with hands all the time is quite impossible.  However, you can’t put them in your washing machine as the bras are delicate. Use a bra bag to wash your bras as it will not only protects from the twists and turns inside the machine but also prevents bra straps from getting tangled into other clothes which will totally damage the bra straps.  You can even use a bra bag to wash your nursing bra in a washing machine safely.  Wash your sports bra also in a lingerie wash bag to prolong its lifetime.  

5. Hang-Dry the Bras in Shade

Most of the lingerie comes with the wash care label information. Read them before usage. These are symbols or notes or sometimes both.  The symbol denotes wash and dry care. Use normal temperature water for washing your bras. Never wring or tumble dry them. Drying them under the Sun will damage the fibers and causes the color to fade. Dry them by hanging on a cloth drying stand preferably on a hanger just as in the store display.

Depending on the style and the type of fabrics such as cotton, mesh, and nylon, you can adjust these wash care tips to get the best results.  We have given you a few sure shot bra hacks which will make all your bras including your everyday bra shine as new for a longer period of time!