Sleep Well And Rise Happily. Yes, Benjamin Franklin has quoted: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. However, this routine can be made better by following certain guidelines.

Whatever we do, we need to do it with full sincerity and dedication, be it eating, sleeping, dancing or anything else.

As all engines do need some rest, likewise, the complex natural machine called the human body also requires proper relaxation. Meaning, a good and undisturbed sleep is necessary for good health. Similarly, waking up fresh and rejuvenated is equally important.

So, here are some simple and beneficial tips to maintain good sleeping and rising habit everyday:

  1. Firstly, we need to check out whether we are getting enough time to sleep or not. At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is regarded as suitable for adults. Hence, make it a habit to unwind early, so as to cover up the maximum time frame for your sleep.
  2. If it really feels difficult to go off to sleep; close your eyes, listen to some light and soothing music, read a good book or chant some mantra in your mind. These steps may make you fall asleep gradually.
  3. As mentioned above, sleep should be uninterrupted, it‘s essential for you to get rid of the disturbing factors.
  4. For some of us, keeping the light on doesn’t matter while sleeping. But, it’s better to keep the room a little dark. Also, you should set your bedroom temperature as per your comfort.
  5. And yes, your place of rest ought to be free from noises. Switch off your mobile phones, television or any other noisy stuff before going to bed.
  6. If you calm your mind and release your stress before going to sleep, you will definitely have a proper sleep.
  7. Take a small walk, a warm bath, do deep breathing exercises, meditation or yoga half or one hour before going to sleep. Yoga nidra is a special form of yoga to enhance your sleep.
  8. Reducing your stress also makes it easier to rise up fresh in the morning. Let go off thoughts about your worries. Instead, divert your mind and attention to healthy solutions.
  9. Aromatherapy, like the fragrance from essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, rosemary and peppermint before bed, or early morning can act as your stress reliever.
  10. Some of us take alcohol as a sedative for sleep stimulation. Apparently, it may wake you up earlier than you desire to. Also, caffeine and nicotine should be avoided in the late afternoons or evenings. Moreover, a heavy diet may cause indigestion and disrupt our sleep.
  11. It’s advisable to stay hydrated with water accompanied by a light meal before our sleep time. And don’t forget to empty your urinary bladder before going to bed.
  12. Then, rehydrate, or drink a glass of water in the morning after rising. Drink it without washing your mouth as it will stream the digestive juices accumulated there.
  13. Then open your curtains and let the sunlight in. Bright natural light passing through your room will automatically lift up your mood. Simultaneously, get on with your regular exercises in the sunlight.
  14. Plan out a joyful day ahead to wake up happily. A tasty breakfast may tempt you to rise up without laziness. Or else, some loud energetic music may wake you up dancing and working out with fun altogether.