healthy skin To look pretty and attractive, you need to have a healthy and younger skin. It is easier said than done because the skin is a very sensitive part of our body. Your daily stress, the blazing sun, the pollution in the air- not to mention your unhealthy diet and lifestyle- the skin bears the brunt of them all. So it is important to know the right ways to keep your skin healthy and immune from within as well as from outside, to retain your natural beauty and to prolong your youth.

  • The most important point is to keep your skin protected from the sun and its harmful UV rays. The best way to do that is to apply sunscreen regularly. But applying too many chemicals can often be harmful for the skin. So you must know of the organic stuff that acts as sunscreen. Lycopene is the nutrient that your body needs for this purpose. Tomatoes are rich with Lycopene and you can both consume it and apply it on skin to get protection from UV rays.
  • You need to keep your skin well-hydrated all the time. Cleaning your skin with warm water at regular intervals help in keeping the bacteria away. Applying moisturizer after cleaning is also very important.
  • Adequate sleep is necessary to keep the skin- especially your face- always fresh. The stress-factor is also very important in this regard. Lack of sleep and stress shows on your face when you develop black spots under your eyes and your skin gets wrinkled.
  • Smoking is injurious to your health and your skin as well. Tobacco actually hastens aging by reducing the amount of Collagen in the skin. It also reduces the supply of oxygen in skin cells, resulting in wrinkles and loss of natural glow.
  • A healthy diet is perhaps the most important measure that you can take to retain a naturally healthy skin. This is because if your body does not receive nutrition and nourishment, it will not show on your skin either. So it is imperative to know the diet that is healthy for your skin.

Anti-oxidants are the best natural fighters against all-sorts of things that hurt your skin. So you have to make sure that your diet consists of various anti-oxidants. For example, the most common of these are Vitamins E and C, which you can get from pumpkin seeds and oranges respectively. Then there is a fatty acid called Omega 3 which is vital for the skin. Salmon contains adequate amount of Omega 3. Tomatoes should be a staple food in your diet as well as strawberries as both are rich with anti-oxidant minerals. Last but not the least; you need to drink lots of liquids, preferably plain water. Our body, after all, is 70% water! If body gets dehydrated, skin tends to get dry and rough with wrinkles appearing. So you need to keep the body hydrated. Water also helps to flush out the harmful toxins of your body.