Garlic is an excellent spice that many of us add to the dishes we make on a daily basis. It is also considered a herb, whereas some regard it as a root vegetable. While consuming a few cloves of cooked garlic could be beneficial to our health, there are always concerns among people regarding the consumption of raw garlic. Eating raw garlic might cause certain side effects, especially among individuals who are under medication. In this blog, let’s take a peek at the side effects of eating raw garlic every day.  

Why Do Some People Eat Raw Garlic?


Apart from being one of the most commonly used spices, garlic is also a herb that offers several health benefits. Reducing the symptoms of the common cold, and assisting in the management of blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the benefits of eating garlic. However, some people like to consume raw garlic because they assume it is more beneficial than the cooked version. In addition, some people love to add raw garlic to sauces, drips, and dressings. 

Garlic has several advantages and boosts the functioning of the major organs in the human body, such as the brain, heart, etc. It is also an excellent source of antioxidants and other important nutrients that every woman needs. Though it is widely taken as a cooked spice or a raw herb, many wonder about the effects of eating raw garlic every day. 

Side Effects of Eating Raw Garlic Everyday

Let’s start with the minor side effects and then proceed with the more severe ones!

1. Bad Breath


Have you heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” But you might not be familiar with the quote, “A raw garlic a day keeps everyone away!”

Yes, some people taking raw garlic regularly might experience bad breath or garlic breath. This may lead to challenges in communicating with other people. The person who has bad breath might also be subjected to lowered self-confidence. The sulfur compounds in garlic are the main reason for causing bad breath. So, in case you are taking raw garlic every day, try to limit your consumption. You can start taking this spice in the cooked form, which might not be too odorous.

2. Heartburn


Lots of people who regularly eat cloves of raw garlic complain that they face heartburn after doing so. Certain compounds in raw garlic might irritate the digestive tract. This is the reason why some individuals consuming it may feel a burning sensation in the chest or stomach. If you suffer from such a problem, try to sauté the garlic and then eat it.

3. Increase in Bleeding


Here’s another one of the side effects of eating raw garlic every day. This practice can lead to increased risks of bleeding! It is all the more risky if you are taking blood thinners or undergoing any surgery because the antithrombotic characteristics of garlic may hamper blood clotting, leading to excessive bleeding. 

Therefore, people under certain medication or those getting ready for surgery must consult their doctor or healthcare provider before they begin adding garlic to their diet (whether it is raw or cooked).

4. Digestive Problems


Did you know that garlic is a rich source of fructans? Fructans are certain types of carbohydrates found in asparagus, raw garlic, and onions. These benefits of onions can help you add them to your daily diet. Consuming fructans may result in gas formation, bloating, stomach ache, or other digestive problems.

If you face any digestive issues because of taking raw garlic quite often, try to limit your intake. If you do that, there are chances that you get relief from your digestive issues.

5.  Allergic Reactions


Some face the threat of allergic reactions when they eat raw garlic. It may cause skin rashes or difficulty in breathing. Garlic can even lead to more complicated allergic reactions in some individuals, which are some of the severe side effects of eating raw garlic every day.

At times, your immune system may mistake the garlic to be a harmful substance. As a response to the danger, your body creates some antibodies, which cause the allergic reaction. Of course, this happens only with the immune systems of certain people, not all. 

6. Garlic Intolerance


Garlic intolerance is different from garlic allergy. In the former, the digestive system is affected, and in the latter, the immune system is impacted. The allergic reaction is much more severe than the intolerance. People intolerant to garlic may experience nausea or even diarrhea. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider to know more about remedies and treatment options if you suffer from any of the two conditions.

What Is an Alternative to Raw Garlic?


Cooking garlic cloves is a good alternative to consuming raw ones. You can avoid several issues by roasting or frying garlic. The extent of problems you might face with cooked garlic is also less when compared to that of consuming raw ones.

Chives are also effective alternatives to garlic. They are less intense and pungent than garlic but act as better flavoring agents than garlic.

Add Garlic in Moderation


We hope this discussion on the side effects of eating raw garlic every day has proved helpful. Avoiding garlic altogether in your diet is not advisable. However, if you consume it in moderation, you can reap its benefits in the long run. Cook your garlic and add it to your meals without overdoing it. By achieving that, you can enjoy the benefits of this wonder spice!