nutrients that every women wants

Women play the role of home maker and working professionals and both very efficiently. Being a home maker is equally hard and stressed filled as working in any company would be. To cope up with this stressed filled life and busy life women need extra care towards their eating habits and nutrients intake. This requirements changes with age and phases of life as her body goes through various change throughout life.

Here are 10 nutrients that every women need for a healthy life

  • Folic Acid-Folic Acid is one of the basic need for those women who are at the age of child bearing but all women would benefit from this vitamin. But it’s more important for those who are pregnant to have a healthy pregnancy. Deficiency of Folic Acid may result in neural tube defects which would result in cerebral palsy. Folic Acid is present in leafy green vegetables, avocado and liver.
  • Iron-Iron is one of the important nutrients required for growth and development. When there is lack of Iron in the body it causes insomnia and fatigues. Iron helps in storing and transports oxygen around the body. Every month women go through their regular menstrual cycle where they lose small amount of iron. So it’s very important that women have their intake on regular basis to replenish the lost iron. One can find iron in red meat, liver, nuts and whole grains.
  • Calcium-Calcium is very important for all age groups but more particularly during adolescence and early adult hood. This is the time when bones absorb calcium. Intake of Calcium helps in keeping bones and teeth healthy. Calcium also helps in staying fit and slim and reduces the symptoms of PMS. Best way to get enough calcium is to take dairy products like milk, cheese and spinach, almonds etc.
  • Vitamin D-Research has revealed that vitamin D plays one of the important role in our healthy life which we do not get enough of. Sun is of the primary source of Vitamin D. It’s a good idea to get supplements if one stays in a place that doesn’t get sun for months. Vitamin D helps in mood uplifts and breast health.
  •  Magnesium-An important nutrient for our body is Magnesium which is beneficial for the nerves, aids stronger bones and helps maintain muscle tone. For older women it can help prevent osteoporosis as well. Magnesium also helps heart diseases at bay and ensure proper blood pressure regulation. Magnesium can be found in pumpkin seeds, black beans, spinach, halibut and almonds.
  • Vitamin E-Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant is present in fatty foods like oils, nuts and different seeds. Intake of proper source of Vitamin E helps to strengthens ones immune system and healthy eyes and skin. Vitamin E helps in fighting free radicals which is formed due to normal metabolism and when one gets exposed to UV rays, air pollution and smoke from cigarettes. A woman when reaches her adolescence needs around 15 milligrams of Vitamin E each day. Best way to get that much needed Vitamin E is to munch on some almonds every day.

All these essential vitamins are required for everyone for a healthy life but women needs to get certain Vitamins in certain doses as they go through pregnancies, menstruation, and sometimes even dieting. All of these deplete the most needed nutrients that would keep body fit and healthy.