quit smoking during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most critical and important phase of a woman’s life and every would be mother wants her baby to be safe. Habits like smoking can have really bad effects on the unborn baby. Protect your baby from the tobacco and give the baby a healthy start of her life. Every single cigarette a mother smokes harms the unborn baby in many ways.

Research shows that the benefits to the baby and mother are clear with non smoking mothers as compared to the smoking mothers. Baby and mother are saved from the dangerous chemicals and smoke.

  • Healthier pregnancy
  • Labor will be better
  • No risk of stillbirth
  • Lesser morning sickness
  • No premature births
  • Less chances of underweight baby during birth
  • Lesser chances of Infant Death

Quitting is very important when you are pregnant, as it affects the baby. A few steps can help you quit smoking during pregnancy.

  1. Smoking- Cause of many complications- Understand that there is a high risk for you and your baby when you continue smoking. Smoking is the main cause of cancer for the mother and the effect on the baby is very dangerous. The growth and development of the baby will cause complications during the birth. The organs of the baby can remain underdeveloped and no mother will want this for her baby.
  2. Find methods for quitting smoking immediately like Cold Turkey. Promise yourself to quit smoking and throw the remaining cigarette packets in the dust- bin. Some mothers are successful with this method.
  3. Find alternatives- The nicotine patch is an alternative to smokers and is used by many people who want to quit smoking. Nicotine is the main addictive thing that is used in the cigarette. Nicotine patches can reduce the risk of damaging the lungs.
  4. An antidepressant is used to quit smoking. A medicine named Zyban is used for the same. This is totally safe for pregnant mothers.
  5. There are cases that mothers who have quit smoking during pregnancy remain smoke free after the baby’s birth.
  6. The would-be-mothers need to realize the long term benefits of quitting smoking. Your family members, partners, medical counseling can be helpful. This time is certainly crucial for the would be mothers.
  7. If your partner is smoking, tell him to stop. Get him involved as it is for your baby’s sake.
  8. Nicotine Replacement Therapy- This replacement will still have the nicotine in the body, but at least will save the lungs from the smoke.
  9. Talk with your ObGyn doctor about your smoking habits so that the doctor can take the right steps and observe your health closely. He can also conduct the right tests for monitoring you and the baby.
  10. Quitting smoking is definitely essential when you are pregnant. If you are firm on your decision, you can say goodbye to smoking easily. After all, it is for your baby’s sake. They can have less breathing problems and diseases. If you wish to stop it, there are many things that can help you.