Beauty Needs To Be Maintained 

Undoubtedly, every single woman is born beautiful. However, all good things need to be maintained or rather, improvised. Your eyes, definitely, are one the most prominent features on your face. Perhaps, you can make it look more attractive. And yes, one simple and common way of beautifying your eyes or your face is through proper removal of excess facial hair.

Certainly, threading or tweezing may look very easy and cost less money and time. But, performing or applying anything on your face should be carried out very carefully and appropriately. The hair removal procedure may be painful at times. This may be due to some factors like threading after a long duration, your skin conditions, and your level of pain endurance or your beautician’s ability. You may experience more pain if you have dry or sensitive skin. Pimples and acne can also add to your pain. On the other hand, it’s also difficult for the beauty experts to carry out threading on oily skin.

Guidelines For Reducing Pain While Removing Facial Hair

So, as none of you would prefer a painful makeover, here are some tips for reducing your pain while shaping or removing excess hair from your face:

1. Visit the Best Best Beauty Parlour In Town

Search for the best beauty parlour in town, having professional and diligent beauty experts.

2. Your Regular Beautician Knows You Better 

Or, continue with your regular beautician. She will know exactly what will be your choice of eyebrow shaping and will also be familiar with your skin type.

3. Visit The Parlour According to Your Hair Growth

If you have thick eyebrows, you can make it a point to visit the parlour every fortnight. It’ll definitely be less painful when there is less hair growth.

4. Remedies For Painless Threading

  1. You have to stretch your skin correctly where the threading is being performed. Usually, the beauticians ask us to stretch the skin above and below the eyebrows with our own hands. You should hold the skin tightly as loose skin on the thread will cause pinching and result in pain.
  2. Applying talcum powder before threading will make small spots of hair clearly visible for the beauty expert to deal with. It will also reduce moisture from the skin and make it smooth.
  3. Immediately after the threading, especially when at home, rub some cold water or ice cubes on and around your eyebrows. You’ll get some relief from the pain as cold water reduces skin sensitivity for some time. Massaging with cold water or ice will heal the redness and broken skin after the threading.
  4. If it’s in the parlour, your beautician may apply some moisturizer or cream to the areas where hair has been removed, be it the eyebrows, forehead or upper lips. If not, you should ask her to do it, or else, apply it yourself. This will act as a quick pain reliever and will cure the sensitivity. It will also make the eyebrow shape clearly visible for you to check if it has been done according to your choice.
  5. Avoid direct exposure to the sun after your painful threading session. The sun rays may cause itchiness and rashes in the affected area. You can prevent this by wearing a hat, scarf, sunglasses or applying some moisturizers or cooling gels.

5. Use A Shaver Carefully

If you are using a shaver, cleaning your face or applying a layer of soap or shaving cream can provide best results. This will make your skin smooth and reduce the possibility of cuts. You have to move the shaver in the direction of your hair growth.

6. Tweezing Can Be Less Painful And Effective

Tweezers are also less painful, easy to use and less expensive tools, designed for plucking hair from the roots. Tweezing is an effective way to remove facial hair, especially the eyebrows. Its effect can last as long as three to eight weeks. Don’t forget to sterilize your tweezers before or after use. Moisten or wipe your skin with warm water before tweezing.

7. Invest In A Good Epilator

For those who want to go in for epilators, invest in a good one. Most epilator manufacturing companies don’t recommend using it near the eyes. So, if you want to give it a try, follow the instructions properly before use, to make it less painful. However, there can be the risk of side effects like pimples, acne, redness, ingrown hairs, etc. Rub cold water or an ice cube on the painful spots to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Henceforth, hope you end up beautifying yourself with all smiles on your face. Follow these essential guidelines and give yourself a treat during your beauty session.