Perfect Your Pout

This is the age of selfies and a selfie is not complete without a perfect pout. For the uninitiated, pout refers to the facial expression that involves pursing the lips together, mostly for the sake of the camera. While many are blessed with an amazing pout, others have to work their way up to a perfect one. For a nice pout, one will require a regular beauty regimen and some clever tricks for make-up. This will turn the lips luscious, plump, kissable and sexy.

Here are some tips for the same

  1. Need for Exfoliation-With regular exfoliation, dead skin cells on the lips are removed along with flaky skin if any. This results in supple and smooth lips. Women, who have extra dry lips, need to exfoliate twice a week, using homemade scrub or a ready-made one. For scrubbing, make use of a damp wash cloth for rubbing over the lips.
  2.  Moisturizing is Must-Moisture is as important for lips as it is for face and skin. There are bunches of lip balms available in the market. One can even make use of lip conditioners in creamy base for the same. For harsh summers, people can opt for the ones with SPF. It helps protect the lips from ultra violet rays of the sun.
  3. Try, Try until Success-There are a number of lip-plumping cosmetic products available in the market. One can experiment them with the one that best suits the lips and style.
  4. Make-Up Tips-After moisturizing the lips, apply some powder foundation, which matches the skin type with the type of the lips. This ensures that there’s a matte effect along with creating a base for the right lip color. It even makes lip color last longer. Before application of lipstick, lips need to be lined with suitable lip liner, which should be applied with gentle strokes. Begin from the centre and then move towards corners. Make sure that the color of the same matches the lip tone. It should fill the area completely.
  5. Selecting the Lip Color-One should choose a bold shade of lipstick that goes with the skin type. It should be applied evenly, beginning from the middle and moving towards the corners. For good results, it is necessary to use a brush for applying lipstick. Finish the look with the application of lip gloss to get a fuller look. After this, press the lip together tightly for distributing the shine across the lips.
  6. Exercises for the Pout-Just like exercises for the body and face, there are many that have been designed for the lips. Regular exercising makes the lip results in fuller and healthy. For this, position the lips together. Without opening them, try to smile as widely as possible, while counting till 15. Take some rest. This exercise needs to be repeated 10 times. Another exercise requires holding the lips together. Then pressed the lip and lift towards the nose. The position needs to be retained for five counts. Relax and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Perfect pout is easy to achieve. One just needs to work towards the same. After this, all one needs is lots of confidence and a good photographer.