We all come from different backgrounds and have been raised differently from one another. Over the years, we might have picked up some habits like speaking loudly in public without realizing whether they are good or bad. Mannerisms that seem normal to us might appear rude to other people. Many of us have good manners, but sometimes, we forget them if we are in a hurry. In this blog, let’s take a glance at five of the habits that can make us look rude.

1. The Habit of Interrupting

When you have a conversation with another person, do you often interrupt them? When the person in front of you talks, you need to listen. That’s one of the good habits. However, if you stop them suddenly while they are speaking and try to express your thoughts, it can be annoying to them. You may not do it intentionally, but it may actually appear to be rude. It is best to let the other person finish. In case there is a dire need for you to interrupt them, you can cut in politely by saying, “Can I interrupt you a minute?” or “Sorry to interrupt, I need to tell you something.”

2. Speaking Loudly in Public

Anyone speaking loudly in public places directly to another person or over the phone is generally considered rude. Many even consider them obnoxious. If you have this habit, it’s never too late to put an end to it. It’s not an easy task, but you can start by lowering your voice a little. 

3. The Habit of Invading Personal Space

You may have seen some people invading the personal space of others at some point in time. If a colleague leans too close to someone, it means that they are invading personal space. Also, if a newly introduced person at your office or a party asks too many questions about your personal life, that’s also an attempt to get into your personal space. And, it’s often seen as extremely rude. If you think you possess this habit, it’s better to curtail it at once. 

It’s quite possible for an individual to get into highly unpleasant situations if they continue with the habit of invading personal space.  

4. The Habit of Gossiping

Gossiping with your friends might relieve you from study or work pressure for a while. But it can seem to be a rude habit to many. And, if the person who is being gossiped about comes to hear about it, it can turn out to be problematic. So, it’s wise to avoid gossiping, especially at schools, colleges, or offices.

5. Using a Mobile while Talking 

If you use your phone while talking or listening to another person, it is definitely rude. It will look as if you are not interested in what they are telling you. If you need to use your phone urgently, you can just ask to be excused stating that you have to attend the call or answer a text. You can then resume your conversation with the other person. 

We have now discussed five habits that can make you look rude to others. Habits such as speaking loudly in public may affect your relationships with others. So, nipping them in the bud is of utmost significance. And, consistent practice of good habits can help in various aspects of your life and even assist in making new friends. Thus, you can become a magnet for friends!