7 Beauty Treatments We Need To Sleep With

7 Beauty treatments we need to sleep with
All of us sneak in beauty treatments when the time permits. Some of us don’t even bother with them due to laziness or the busy lives that we lead where beauty is the last thing on our mind and what we give priority to. The list of beauty treatments that I am going to specify...

5 Fall Make up trends on budget

5 Fall Make up trends on budget
  Women love to wear make up irrespective of any season because looking good and presentable is not dependent on the seasons. Fall season is a season that is synonymous with vibrant colors. A lot of make up trends can be used during this season that will make you look appealing and presentable without pinching...

Baking Soda-A personal Care-taker for every body!

While making a transition over health and beauty elements, suddenly my eyes popped into one of the super-simple kitchen ingredients that play magic in many men and women’s lives. What’s it? Baking Soda, officially called as sodium bicarbonate is a high alkaline salt with complex purposes. There are few people who mistake between the name baking...

Quick fix for 6 Makeup Mishaps

Makeup Mishaps
We all make mistakes when applying makeup. And in order to hide or remove the mistake we land up making a total mess of our faces. Here are some quick fixes to help solve those makeup mishaps: Smudged lipstick-Using a damp concealer brush or cotton, apply a bit of foundation to the smudged area. Clumped eyelashes-Wet a...

5 Minute Before Bed Skin Routine

5-minute before bed skin routine
A night time routine for the skin is very important. You might not have the time to care for your skin in the day. At least spare some time in the night to treat your skin so that you wake up with glowing skin. Here is a routine that you can follow in the night...

5 Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

5 Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know
Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Makeup, hair and the outfit all play an important role together in making a bride look her best. No one wants mistakes on their wedding day. Here are few mistakes related to makeup that have been made in the past by other brides. So...

International Beauty Products with Native Ingredients

International beauty products with native ingredients
Every country has beauty secrets that we all can learn and benefit from. It is now only that we are becoming aware of the wonder ingredients that we can source from various countries across the globe. New international beauty products are constantly emerging in the market claiming to be solutions for our skin, hair and...

Food items that help your nails grow faster and stronger

10 Food items that promote growth of your nails
Let’s get this straight. Nails are not alive! As a matter of fact nails and hair are dead cells of our body. The growth that we actually see is that of our body pushing out the dead cells and tissue out of the cuticle to make room for new cells. Our diet reflects on our...

Body Spa Treatments At Home

Body spa treatments at home
Most of us tend to care only about our faces, as it’s the part of the body that is visible to all. But our body also needs that extra care. Spa treatments at salons are pricey and will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. You actually need not go to a professional...

Make Up Tips To Make Your Eyes Pop

Make Up Tips To Make Your Eyes Pop
Eyes are one of the most attractive features of humans and adding definition to them makes them appear even more beautiful and pretty. Apart from adding to your personality, it also gives an oomph to your face making it appear attractive than rest. But, how exactly you do it? Wrong make ups can...

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