14 Aug 2020

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obsessed with coffee
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5 Signs you are obsessed with coffee 

How to conquer coffee obsession? Obsession of any kind can be harmful for the body, soul and mind. Whether it is a behavioral habit or a food related habit, a line must be drawn between habit and obsession. The number of coffee lovers is increasing…

Prenatal yoga tips
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Prenatal yoga tips 

‘Prenatal’ the word is termed as the ‘care’ which is advised to women during pregnancy. Prenatal care involves regular checkups and following a proper diet. A few basic exercises can help a healthy pregnancy in women. Prenatal Yoga plays a vital role in a pregnant…

quit smoking during pregnancy
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How to quit smoking during pregnancy? 

Pregnancy is the most critical and important phase of a woman’s life and every would be mother wants her baby to be safe. Habits like smoking can have really bad effects on the unborn baby. Protect your baby from the tobacco and give the baby…