Heat irons aren’t going to lend you a hand when in a rush to get those beach waves or flawless curls. Apart from being heavily time-consuming, your strands seem absolutely twisted speaking artificiality in itself with curlers. It’s the age of naturalism and hence it is wise to keep your locks natural as well. There are several strategies to achieve the curly hair look but this one elaborated here seems to be one of the easiest. Moreover, it’s very much cost effective as you don’t have to splurge on styling products. You don’t even need a comb. How cool is that?

1. Once you are done with shampooing your hair, simply towel dry it. Skip using hair dryers as it might not end up giving you those adorable beach waves. Conditioners do retain the moisture, hence I would recommend using some. Scrunch your strands with the towel, to begin with. Make sure you don’t use a comb. Not even a wide-toothed one!

 Shampooing your hair
Shampooing your hair

2. Use the serum of your choice to remove the tangles. Since your comb doesn’t come into the picture, it’s best to make use of a de-tangling serum. It’s absolutely economical and doesn’t cost much.

 Use the serum of your choice to remove the tangles

3. Once your hair is dry enough, part it into multiple sections and begin braiding each division as tightly as possible. Secure the ends with an elastic band and let it flow down your back. These braids could also be tied up in a bun, but, again this might damage or break your strands. Well, there is a bit time consuming; but, trust me, the result is worth it.

Once your hair is dry enough, part it into multiple sections

Guess what? The routine is almost over! Just go ahead and have a good night’s sleep. The longer your locks are tightened this way, the better your curls are going to look.

better your curls are going to look


The sun is up and you are pretty much ready to rock that new avatar of yours! Slowly unwind each braid and let it loose without messing up with the other locks. Secure those waves with a hairspray if necessary. No more drooling over Shakira’s Goldilocks, begin flaunting your own!