20 Sep 2019

Category: Career & Money


How to be a busy corporate mom and yet be fit 

The very concept of motherhood is all encompassing subject. There would be numerous ways to express emotions about mothers and motherhood, seen from the mothers’ own angle as also from the outside world’s viewpoint. All shades of sentiments like joy, ecstasy, fulfillment, responsibility and many…

Tricks that make you be photogenic

Tricks that make you photogenic 

Earlier, there would be only certain occasions when one would be photographed. So, there was ample time to get ready and be prepared. Since there would be just one uniform pose all the time, there was nothing to worry about posing either. Today, things are…

Interacting with new colleagues

Start Interacting with new colleagues 

Communication plays a vital role in a professional work environment. With an environment of professionals from diversified stream, it often becomes difficult to communicate or hit the right conversation with colleagues around us. Professionals often find it difficult to break that ice with the peer…

How to say no to colleagues

How to say no to colleagues 

Sometimes, co-workers constantly asking for help become a nuisance. Such colleagues should be avoided but if there is no other option, one needs to learn the art of saying “no”. If you are unable to say no, you will find yourself trapped in situations that…

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