It is very distressing to say that women need to carry safety devices with them wherever they go but crimes against them are piling up these days. So it is better to be prepared than catch the unknown. It is a precaution we should take in case something bad comes our way. We should always be ready and alert, so women’s safety devices are mandatory.  

Here are some of the best gadgets and women’s safety devices that can be easily carried around and used. 

Safety Devices For Women 


Sipchips are coi-sized drink spiking tests for date-rape drugs. Add one drop from your drink onto the sipchip test window and you get your results in seconds. When you get one line- your drink is safe but when you get two lines it means that your drink has been drugged. This is one of the best women’s safety devices.  

Self-Defense Keychain

Self-Defense Keychain

Self-defense keychains are sharp objects with a firm grip that come in different shapes and colors. This can just be used to scare the attackers away but could get lethal if the victim puts more energy into her punch. 

Personal Alarms

A personal alarm can be carried out like a keychain and is used to scare off assailants by emitting loud alarm sounds which will be activated when we pull the tag or push a button on the alarm. 


Safelists are smart bracelets, that allow you to contact your friends or family members with a press of one button just in case of an emergency. You could communicate with your trusted ones and even see each other’s locations. 

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is also known as capsicum spray and is a powerful self-defense object that sprays concentrated capsaicin and causes serious irritation to the attacker’s skin and eyes even causing temporary blindness. You should be careful while handling this device.  


Tasers or stun guns are the type of tech that would come in handy for women out there. It passes a severe but non-lethal electric shock to the attacker. It is very easy to carry around and also rechargeable. This is one of the important women’s safety devices, which will be very handy and helpful. 

Keep in Mind

We ain’t no ninja turtles but we can be alert all the time. Be courageous and act fast ladies- there is nothing wrong with being precautious and self-protective of ourselves.