Tricks that make you be photogenic

Earlier, there would be only certain occasions when one would be photographed. So, there was ample time to get ready and be prepared. Since there would be just one uniform pose all the time, there was nothing to worry about posing either. Today, things are a lot different. With selfies becoming a rage, people are hooked on to their phone cameras. It has also become a habit to post pictures of self and family on social networking sites. So, today, you can say that it has become a necessity to look good on camera.

Many people refrain from being clicked, because they think they are not “photogenic”. There is good news now for such camera-shy people. With some trick and tips, anyone can be camera-ready and look radiant and beautiful in photographs.

Tricks that make you photogenic

  1. Identify problem areas-Many a times, a photo doesn’t come well because of various issues and these aren’t necessarily because of the person’s looks. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. So, understand that the problem lies somewhere else not in your looks.  Look at your old photographs which you abhor and you will realize that there are some issues in the way you posed, or you showed off your makeup or hair. Rectify these areas and lo! There will be a gorgeous you in the photographs.
  2. Practice poses-Stand in front of the mirror and practice poses. Click selfies and find out the best pose and use it while being photographed.
  3. Find the best angle for yourself-It is true that different angles work for different people. Each of us has different features, face shapes and so there is always a certain angle that a camera will love. Never face the camera straight.  Try turning your head little or standing to the side a little or twisting your face or your body a little towards the camera.
  4. Focus on the right makeup-The right makeup can do wonders to your photograph.  Never be over the top or under while doing makeup before a photo shoot.  Choose the right foundation that matches your skin tone and apply the right amount. Apply on the neck region too.  Applying blush is a must because it really perks up your face. Go for bright colored lipsticks so that your best features are prominently displayed in the photograph.  Accentuate your eyebrows and eyelashes by giving it prominence with dark shades.  Use a good spray on your hair so that it does not look frizzy.
  5. Put on your best accessory – your smile-Even if you have adorned the best designer dress and worn the best makeup, everything is futile if you have not put on your best accessory and that is your smile! Smile confidently and let the smile reach your eyes.