Using various ways to clean different types of jewelry

Every woman loves to possess beautiful jewelry and wear them to look beautiful. When buying precious jewelry, it is very important to care for them meticulously. The substances used to make these jewelry pieces are highly susceptible to discoloration. Thus, they need to be cleaned properly. It is very essential to have proper knowledge about cleaning jewelry made from different materials. Since buying jewelry is a huge investment, it is very important to take care of them with equal meticulousness. The sky high prices at which these jewelry pieces are available makes it necessary that they should be kept spotless.

Ways to clean different types of jewelry

  1. Gold Jewelry-Jewelry made up of gold needs to be stored in velvet lined closed container. Gold can be prevented from disintegration with the help of this lining which is usually seen in containers lined with cotton fabrics. In a box, only one trinket must be stocked so that it does not rub with the surface of other trinkets. Though, professional jewellers know how to clean jewelleries made from different substances, it is very important for the buyers to know about them. A cleaner with soft bristles should be used to clean each and every part of the jewelry. The pieces should be totally dry before these pieces are stored inside a container.
  2. Silver Jewelry-In comparison to gold jewelry, silver jewelry needs lesser thoroughness when cleaning. In order to remove stains and dirt, there are some solutions that are pre mixed and are readily available at departmental stores and grocery shops. There are many home based products also that can be used for cleaning jewelry made up of silver. Toothpaste on a brush is quite effective which will brush off grime from jewelry pieces. Dishwashing liquid can also be used in diluted form to clean them. After cleaning these pieces, they should be dried using a soft cloth and then stored.
  3. Bracelets-These days, young girls love to wear bracelets and pretty charms and cleaning them requires a totally different method. These pieces may not be as expensive as gold or silver jewelry, but even they undergo a natural process of wear and tear. In order to preserve their beauty, it is very important to choose a correct cleaning agent. Many people use chemicals to clean them which may be quite harsh and as such a lot of harm can come to these pieces. In some Pandora bracelets, beads are used. When it comes to cleaning these beads, it is very important to be quite careful. One can use a moist cloth to wipe these beads clean. The beads should be cleaned gently and cleaning them roughly may result in abrasions on these pieces. Each and every jewelry pieces must be stored separately. His will keep these pieces smooth and clean.

These are tried and tested methods used by people since ages to keep jewelry pieces clean. In order to make these pieces clean and shiny looking new and fresh, it is important to take them to a reliable jeweller for getting them cleaned in a professional manner.