Want to help my kid to handle bullying

Bullying is a worldwide concern today for all parents. In schools and colleges, kids tease each other. This is a normal scenario everywhere. When this teasing is playful and friendly, everyone finds it funny and no one is upset. The problem arises when the teasing becomes constant, hurtful and crosses a line. Bullying can be done verbally, physically and psychologically. Some common types of Bullying done are hitting, threats, money extortion and possessions. Some kids love to tease by spreading unpleasant rumors about other kids.  Nowadays teenagers can bully by using the social media and by text services available on the phone.

Bullying has to be taken seriously and is not a topic to ignore as it can have serious consequences. Bullying is often seen in children from families having problems and those who are often neglected at home. These children want to rule always; they often lack the empathy and never understand the feelings of others. Parents often ignore these children and are unable to set limits and discipline in them since childhood. Ignoring this sensitive topic will be compromising on kids’ safety and self esteem.  There are reports of Bullying which has led to suicides and murders.

Things to do, if you want to help your kid handle bullying

  • Children should not fight with the bullying person. Teach him to control his anger. Never overreact or do not make any verbal insults. The bully may become aggressive and there is a high chance of physical injury. Tell your child to call for help in such case.
  • If the child is confident about talking to the bullying child, then he must look into the bullying child and must say confidently that you are no longer scared.
  • The child can walk away from the scene. Children who get bullied should never run.
  • If things are getting serious, the child can always tell the adult about the situation. Children can find an adult in school and tell them. They can take help from the teacher or other students. If children see other children are bullied, they can report such incidents immediately.
  • If Bullying is happening only in some social events at school, then the child should talk to the school leaders or the staff responsible for that particular event. Some children do not want to involve their parents, but if elder children also come across such situation, it should be taken into consideration.
  • Teach your child to stay away from the group of children who bully others. Even if they are his friends, they are not a good company. Teach him the value of real friendship and its importance. Talk and communicate with your child more often when you realize that something is not normal.
  • Sometimes there is no solution for the problem. You should teach your child to face the situation. Make him realize that you are always with him and always there for him.
  • You should always be a good listener when you are with your child. Let him express and tell him what happened in the school. The feeling that you are with him always will surely help your child handle bullying.