In a world full of crime, violation, and offense, women’s self-defense is a must. It can boost a person’s self-confidence, self-esteem, awareness, and acting calm during stressful situations. Here are some self-defense basics and unarmed self-defense techniques. 

Self-defense basics everyone should know

  • Never be an easy target. Avoid distractions like headphones while walking, stay calm and alert while going alone, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • If a predator approaches you, never lose your confidence but show them that you are frightened or confused. For instance, if you are approached by a threat while walking alone in the mid of the night, do not be frightened, but raise your voice and talk to them. The person should get convinced that you are not the right target.
  • They should never know your next moves. For instance, if someone is attempting to hit you and steal your bag, and you are someone who knows self-defense techniques like karate, you should act as though you are scared and perplexed. By doing this, the attacker will believe you are an easy target and won’t use all of his strength to attack you, giving you the opportunity to use all of your strength.
  • If you get knocked down, don’t start panicking. Fight with all your might, even if that means lying on the ground and attempting to strike them.
  • Always be aware of your area of weakness. It will assist you in protecting yourself from being struck in those vulnerable regions.
  • Always keep in mind to strike the opponent without becoming wounded. Instead of damaging your fingers by punching the opponent, use different body parts and movements to hit them.

Self-defense moves every woman should practice

  • Ready stance – This is a position that lets your opponent know that you are ready for the attack. A ready stance position is where you stand steady with your legs and shoulder wide apart. Distribute your body weight equally, and always use your dominant hand or legs to attack back. 
  • Groin kick – When attacked, always focus on attacking back the groin area. For instance, when getting grabbed from behind, attack the attacker’s groin area. This move will immediately relieve you from their hold. When attacked from the front, follow the same move. Kicking in the groin area will leave the attacker in pain by the time you can seek help or leave the place. 
  • Hammer fist attack – This technique is an easy yet effective one. All you need to do is to fold your fist and attack the predator with full force hitting them on their eye, chin, or cheek region. 
  • Palm-heel strike – It is a defense technique in which the palm heel  (bottom of the palm) is the attack weapon. When attacked by someone, use your palm heel to strike the opponent in the face. Focus on the parts which would put them in immense pain when attacked. For example, the nose is a delicate body part, and the pain would be severe when hit on the nose. 

How to defend yourself without fighting

An excellent choice is pepper spray. Quickly run away after spraying pepper on the attacker’s face. Call for help if you notice someone following you when you’re alone. When in doubt, if they might be a troublemaker, don’t hesitate to just call for help. It is better to be sure than assume.