Asking coworkers about salary is a super personal topic to discuss; no one asks you in front of a team. It may be a valuable tool for understanding and advocating for fair compensation within a company. On the other hand, it acts as a great tool for getting in-depth knowledge and demanding good pay. But the real drawback is for the company, as it seems to violate privacy policies and lead to tension among coworkers.

It is important to know what are the dos and don’ts to ask peers regarding salary. There are many reasons that may affect the endpoint. 


It is completely bad luck to know that your so-called co-worker in the company gets a fair pay than you, and the worst part is they might be younger than you. Talking to coworkers about salary has a high potential to trigger tension among co-workers. It can be seen as a violation of privacy, as not everyone may be comfortable sharing information about their salary. It may affect teamwork and end up in finding a new job. 

Don’t judge anybody. Everyone has a different story and their priorities matter. 

Peace at the workplace is the most expected behavior everyone heads up. One needs to consider and recheck the facts and privacy policies before asking coworkers about salary they receive. 


Curiosity leads to perfection. It is highly beneficial for oneself to compare them with another for their career growth. Make sure to compare the skillset, experience, or any added advantages they have. The education qualification may be different, background, number of experiences, anything it can be. Introduces the opinions and interests to learn and search for new opportunities. All should be done in a very polite and positive manner and by not judging them. 

How can you approach 

Remember that this is a very sensitive topic that someone really feels personally and may give back to you professionally. The timing is very important to consider and of course the place too. The workplace is the best setup to approach. Ask them if they are comfortable and then proceed. 

Make sure you don’t misuse the information or underestimate your colleague. Learning is more important than the number bracket. List out what are the ways your growth depends on. 

Ask yourself 

If you don’t want to ask anybody, that is totally fine. Research thoroughly on the internet and various genuine websites regarding your job role and what is the pay range in the market. It depends on the company, number of employees, experience, and geographic location, but yes, you will get some ideas. It definitely helps in knowing more about your job profile briefly. 

Ask your closest table

Get to know about your own job profile opportunities with the manager. They will definitely help to figure out ways you can earn more. Raise questions to the higher officials and get to know more about the chances of growth. Some of the scenarios followed, 

  • How to increase my chances of a salary hike?
  • What are the ways to expand my skills?
  • Are there any certification courses required for growth?
  • What is my maximum earning potential in this job?

Self-growth and financial stability is all one needs. These are the essential factors to keep your family safe and secure in an uncertain future. So, it is better to open up and play the smart card to widen your horizon where you can find happiness.