Mistakes in your resume that won’t impress

Before we even come in contact with the employer in person, it is the resume that speaks for us. As the famous saying goes, ‘the first impression is the best impression’, what the employer views in our resume is what sticks with him, even when we are to meet him or talk to him over the telephone.

Here are 4 mistakes that employers hate to see and find in resumes that they wish never to employ:

1. Typos

It is the age of the computers. And there is nothing that can explain or forgive a typing error. If a person does not have that basic attention to detail then the employer might have reservations about employing such a careless person.

Remember to read your resume from top to bottom before you send it out, so as to clear it of any mistakes.

2. Formatting errors

Employers hate to view resumes that have no sense of direction. Keep your resume neat. Stick to the basic, practical formatting like half inch margins, 12-size font and basic fonts such as Times new roman or Calibri.

Save the resume in a safe format so that the formatting doesn’t get all bungled up when you print it out.

3. Length

You might have worked for several years but it does not mean you make a story out of your resume. Be precise.

A resume is only to get you to the next round of a personal interview. So try to keep it to the point, being precise about past experience and role involved.

4. Do not give false, misleading or confidential information

In case you might have forgotten, your previous company would have made you sign a confidentiality clause. If you were not to mention which client your previous company helped, you should not reveal it at any cost.

You are not to mislead the employer with fake or false information just so that you get employed. Your employer will never trust an employee that is found divulging the secrets of his previous employer. What guarantee does he have of his own secrets in the future?

So try to avoid these mistakes in your resume to make it more likable to the employers.