There are plenty of interesting courses you can take up in India. Students who are not interested in the usual professional or arts and science courses can study these courses to pursue a successful career. One of the courses we have compiled in this blog might be your cup of tea. However, these rare and interesting courses in India are offered only at some institutions that specialize in them. But you can also try checking some online courses in the field you love.

So, let’s start with our list of courses that have high value right away!

Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity Courses in India

If you can sit in front of a computer for long hours, ethical hacking might be a suitable course for you. And, if you love cracking passwords, you can just go ahead with ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses. Do not be misled by the term “hacking,” which is widely considered illegal. “Ethical hacking” is a legitimate job that has a wide scope. The tasks of safeguarding systems, software, and networks fall under “cybersecurity.”

The Indian School of Ethical Hacking at Kolkata teaches these courses. The Institute of Information Security at various locations in India also teaches these types of courses.

Wildlife Conservation and Ecological Studies

If you love animals and want to protect the ecological balance, these courses are for you. Lots of animal species are on the brink of extinction, which will have an adverse impact on the ecosystem. Wildlife conservation courses and ecological studies are all about protecting animals and their habitats. 

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), which is located in New Delhi, is a national agency available for training and research in the area of wildlife conservation. One of the primary objectives of these courses is to offer knowledge of the modern concepts in wildlife conservation and management.

Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Courses

Are you an aspiring chef? Do you love to learn cooking tricks and excel in your culinary skills? Then, you can go for the culinary arts and gastronomy courses offered in various parts of the country. Gastronomy, the exciting study of the relationship between food and culture in various regions, is one of the leading courses in India with awesome scope. 

The Indian Culinary Academy situated in Bangalore provides an “Earn and Learn” option for students. This is for students who want to reduce their financial burden. The International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi, also offers these courses.

Sound Engineering and Music Production Courses

Sound engineering (audio engineering) is the field where the technical aspects of sound in recordings and live performances are studied. If you are keen on pursuing a career in sound recording, mixing, and reproduction, then these courses will be helpful in paving the right path for you.  

In case you aspire to become a music composer, director, or producer, then music production courses will be the perfect choice for you. There are several university degree courses available for you to choose from. Many online courses are also available for the same. The Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata, offers courses for 2 or 3 years. Zee Institutes of Media Arts, Mumbai, is also a place to check out for similar courses.  

Toy Design and Game Development Courses

If you are an ardent fan of play spaces, toys, and educational play stuff, it would be ideal for you to pursue these courses. You can also opt for them if you are intrigued by the design and development of games. Creativity is one of the key factors involved in toy design and game development courses. They will also be the perfect choice if you are good at 3-D drawing.

The National Institute of Design or NID has its primary institute at Ahmedabad. Its extension campuses are located in Bengaluru and Gandhinagar. Various other cities in India also have NIDs. If you complete a toy design course, you can also begin your career path by doing internships at one of the toy manufacturing companies.

End Note:

Successful people usually fall under two categories – people who do different things and people who do things differently. So, doing a course that’s different from the common ones is truly an amazing thing. But make sure that you have the passion for it and the hard work you need to transform your passion into a successful career. We hope our list of rare and interesting courses in India helps you in your future ventures. Don’t forget to check out the interesting home-based careers for women.