5 Reasons to use Men’s Perfume if you are a woman

1. Perfumes are already a crossover of different scents

Perfumes are a cocktail of different artificial scents inspired by natural scents. In a perfume there are top, middle and base notes. These notes have hundreds of variations depending on women and men perfumes. But in fact, it is more important that the blend is working on your body to produce a fantastic fragrance.

2. You are drawn to men’s perfumes

Women are attracted to men’s natural scent and men are attracted to what they see. Women have better olfactory sense when compared to men. Hence, scents used in male perfumes are strong. That is why you are attracted to earthy, musky, woody, leathery and spicy notes when men wear them. These notes enhance your mood, make you feel good and reduce stress. So, next time don’t stop yourself when you are tempted to wear men’s perfume.

3. There are no men/women perfumes

Welcome to the hidden secret of perfume marketing industry. Perfumes when made are just perfumes. They are neither for men nor women. The brands label them so as a marketing strategy! It is a fact that women perfumes may have top notes (which will evaporate fast). But these are predominantly used in men’s perfume. Likewise men’s perfumes may have fruity and flowery notes in traces. So it doesn’t really matter if you like and use your hubby’s perfume as long as it blends with your natural body scent. Old Spice, a niche brand in men’s perfume world was originally started as a women’s perfume manufacturer. As it dint go well it remarketed as men’s perfume without many changes in the original formula. And, guess what?  It was an incredible hit among the customers.

4. Men like it!

Like you need another reason to use men’s perfume! Next time when your hubby buys expensive perfume just for himself don’t crib. He likes the fragrance and he uses it. He would definitely love the same on you. Also remember that same perfume smells different on different persons. The perfume may give an entirely different aroma when it blends with your natural body scent and the chances are that you might smell better than your hubby. So don’t hesitate to use your hubby’s/boyfriend’s perfume. It a perfect revenge!

5. Sexism Much?!

What these perfume brands have taught us so far is that women’s perfumes carry only lighter notes. Implying that women are meant to be soft and pretty or as the society expects us to be. Flowery and fruity perfumes comes only under women perfume lablels! Not only that! These lighter notes won’t stay for long hours as men’s perfumes for the huge money we spend! Imagine we boycott all the perfumes which wont linger longer. Would they still manufacture women’s perfumes? So dear ladies, if you feel more confident in a perfume with leathery note and feel more attractive in a musk perfume just ignore the label, go ahead and wear it!