Coloring hair in freaky colors are making the rounds these days, but the most essential asset of a woman is hair, apparently, hair care for women is so much important. If you are planning to get a new hair color then here is the list of things that you must follow:

The first thing is to identify the natural color of your hair.  If you have dark hair you have to bleach your hair before you dye it. Naturally, our hair grabs the colors only when the hair color is light, like blonde. So if your hair is dark then the dye is not going to be visible. So bleaching makes your hair color lighter and enhances the dye color.

Bleach does damage your hair, but if you know how to control it in the right way or you get it done by a professional, it shouldn’t damage your hair. You must commit yourself to maintaining your hair after you bleach it.

It is advisable to carry a picture of what you really want to be done with your hair so that the stylist has a clear idea of what you are expecting.

If you are sensitive at the scalp then dying your hair can cause irritation. So, dye your hair such that it does not get in contact with your scalp. Ombre at hair tips is one such technique.

The first time you wash your hair after getting it colored, a huge amount of dye would come out of the hair and that’s just normal. Wash your hair in cold water that way the dye stays longer.

If you are repeatedly dying your hair, your hair will get frizzier and fragile as time goes on, especially at the ends of your hair. Make sure to trim once in a while, also deep condition your hair if you bleach your hair often.

Try with the lighter shade first as its quite easy to amp up the color intensity than to tone it down.

Your normal shampoos might not work for colored hair instead, you have to switch to shampoos and conditioners that are made for color treated hair.

Stay away from the pool. Because the chlorine in the pool water might react with the dye and the after effect can really be a mess.