Makeup is all colors and fun, but from the base, eyes and lip products have a varied shelf life which calls for usage within the expiry date. Using old/expired makeup can cause harm to the skin, leading to skin conditions like rashes and infections. Products usually have an expiry period and vary for unopened products. In the case of opened packages, the duration reduces as it comes in contact with the environment. Throwing away old makeup when it is time is indeed essential. 

Here is how you know when to say goodbye to your old makeup:

The time-sensitive ones


Eye makeup like mascara has a shorter lifespan, as the product has a high chance of coming in contact with the eyes and can lead to irritation and infection if used beyond its span. Most mascaras carry a three to six months expiration in their package, and limiting use within the mentioned span can help avoid the consequences. 


also has a span of three to six months, like mascara. It is essential to use products within the expiry period, as they may develop germs and cause irritation, and to avoid the product getting clumpy.  

Extended use


Lipsticks have a shelf life varying from 12 months to 18 months, depending on the formula. If your lipstick starts smelling different or loses texture, it is time to bid goodbye, even if it is within the expiration period. 

Cream products

Blush, bronzer, concealer, eyeshadow, or a highlighter in the cream form can last for about 12 months or so. Cream products may become clumpy or dry up when the container is not closed properly and it can reduce the efficient use obtained from the product. Try reusing it in any other form. If you cannot get any more use out of them, it is time to get a replacement. 

Powder products

Compact powders, loose powders, blush, contour, eyeshadow, or other powder products will last 24 to 36 months. You can get the most use out of powder products due to their texture, and they cannot go bad very quickly. 

Base products

The base from the foundation, concealer, color corrector, and primer will last from about 12 to 36 months, depending on the formulation. These products are available in liquid, cream, and even mousse formulas, and the longevity will vary accordingly. 

Makeup tools

Beauty tools like brushes and sponges have a duration after which they have to be disposed of and you have to get a replacement. When the brushes’ bristles start withering and the sponge starts to disintegrate, it is a sign to wave goodbye.

How to recycle old makeup

Makeup specifically designed for facial skin that is more sensitive than skin in the rest of the body can have an extended use in the following ways: 

(Do a patch test on your skin before using the products in the following ways.)


Mascara can go bad pretty quickly. If you have expired mascara, try using it for the eyebrow as a setting element with some tint to hold them in place. You can also use the mascara to hold your baby hairs in place, and it is a bonus to cover up grey hairs in the hairline if you have any.


If your foundation just expired but is in good condition(in terms of texture, smell, and formulation), you can mix it with your favorite body lotion and use it as a body tint.

Bronzer and highlighter

You can use a bronzer and highlighter that has just run out but is still in good shape (in terms of texture, scent, and formulation) on your body as a highlighter or to add color to the skin. 

Ways to Dispose of Old Makeup

When there are no ways to recycle your makeup, and it has expired, then throwing away old makeup in its whole package without spilling is the right way. 

Remember the importance of throwing away old makeup. And also, keep your skin safe while exploring and experimenting with makeup!