Do you realise how stressful certain holidays may be for your child? Many of us might believe there is no connection between holidays and your child’s mental health. We are all firmly convinced that our children eagerly anticipate the holidays. Even if every youngster enjoys a break from their assignments and uniforms, they can still feel stressed out while on vacation. Continue reading the article to know some tips to handle holiday stress and ways to prevent holiday stress. 

Why are holidays stressful for children?

Children are more likely to engage in rituals over the holidays, such as eating fast food frequently and having their sleep patterns disturbed. This will cause a shift in their attitude, way of thinking, and conduct. For instance, you might assume it’s fair to increase your child’s television time during the holidays. However, you may not be aware of the terrible impact this will have on your child’s behaviour and daily activities. Below listed are the tips to handle holiday stress.

How to make holidays kid-friendly?

  • Stick to the routine

Always insist that your child follows the schedule. They should be woken up at the same time they would for school. Do not let them watch more TV or use any other devices. Instead, extend their play-time inside or outside. They can pass their time indoors with puzzles, DIY projects, guessing games, and paper crafts.

  • No homeschooling

Never put your child through stress by making them complete their schoolwork. Do not force your child to learn the lessons for the upcoming term, though education and the teachings at school are vital. Teachings from life are more important than lessons from books for your youngster. You could have a lot of free time to spend with your child over the holidays. Teach them life’s lessons. Instead of taking them to theaters and shopping centers all the time, take them somewhere where they can learn about mankind.

  • Responsible activities

Put your child to task helping out around the house. They can be a part of any significant tasks; they shouldn’t necessarily be forced to perform them. It is important for every youngster to understand about household duties so that they would prioritize them equally. As a parent it is your responsibility to teach kids the importance of organization and cleanliness so that it becomes ingrained in their behavior.  During the holidays, they would play with lots of toys and stuff. Teach them that it is their responsibility to put them back in the place. 

  • Mindful eating

Everyone is aware that kids are addicted to sweets, and the holidays are all about sweets. Protecting your child from excessive sugar consumption is crucial because it might have a negative impact on their health. Going out to eat with your family is an essential Christmas tradition. A child’s health might also be harmed by eating too much fast food. Thus mindfulness during the holidays is very important. 

Hope this blog on how to make holidays kid-friendly was helpful and informative.