Pet clothes: Advantages and disadvantages

Pets are always our stress busters. We unknowingly start loving them. Their eyes calm our souls, their cute little paws lift up our spirits, their furry body is our stress toy. We human beings look to them as a family member and pour unconditional love. So many things have evolved that pets nowadays respond back exactly like how a human would respond. They understand every emotion like happiness and grief. They almost became half humans. Nowadays dressing up a pet has become a trend. Pets become extra cute when they get dressed up like human babies. Continue reading to know the benefits of dressing up your pets.

Pet clothing the pros and cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages of dressing up your pet. You might wonder, should pets wear clothes? Continue reading to know in detail about the benefits of dressing up your pets.

Benefits of dressing up your pets

  • Dressing up your pet dogs or cats can give them a dashing look. There are many companies that specially stitch various outfits for your pets. There are also fashion designers who would customize an attire of your wish to your pets. By wearing fancy and trendy clothes, your pets can participate and steal the show in any celebrations such as a wedding or party
  • Clothes give them a layer of extra skin. Some pets naturally have very little fur. Dressing up your pet will prevent them from getting cuts or scratches. This will also keep them warm during the winter days
  • Dressing up your pets will keep them clean and tidy. Pets are easily attracted to dirt and mud. They will give anything in return to play in mud and dirt. Dressing them up will make them tidy and will reduce your work time

Disadvantages of dressing up your pets

  • Not all fabrics are suitable for pets. There are few fabrics which may cause allergies and infections to pets. So it is always important to choose the right fabric that gives your pets the utmost comfort. Now that the fashion industry has evolved, they come up with many trends for pets. But it is always our duty and concern to provide the best to our pets
  • Some outfits may cause inconvenience to our pets. The outfits can interfere with their everyday essentials like nature’s call. They might be trained to pee and poop in their respective areas. While wearing a dress they might get confused whether to poop or not. So it is always vital to make sure their outfits do not interfere with their everyday activities
  • Over dressing may sometimes lead to overheating. Animals can naturally protect themselves from cold. Their skin adjusts itself according to the weather. Though sometimes our pets might need an extra layer of skin (clothing) to keep themselves warm. But constantly dressing them up can lead to over warming, skin infections, and can cause discomfort.